May 2019 National Auto Sales Results

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Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
The U.S. auto industry showed signs of business picking up in May 2019. Sales were down slightly, less than .03 percent, which is the strongest pace of 2019 versus 2018.

The seasonally-adjusted rate for the month of May 2019 put things on pace for 17.4 million new vehicles, but that is just a one-month look at where the year would end if every month were like May.

All said and done, the total sales (with GM and Ford estimates) was 1,587,000 vehicles versus May 2018 sales of 1,592,500 sales, so very close. Dealers and automakers pay very close attention to May sales, which often set the pace for the year. These sales results will be a welcome sign to everyone in the industry.

Here are the winning and losing car companies for May 2019 versus the same sales in May 2018. Remember, too, we donít have Ford or General Motors sales, they stupidly only report sales quarterly:


  • Genesis: up 115%
  • Audi: up 95%
  • Ram Trucks: up 30%
  • Volkswagen: up 14%
  • Subaru: up 6%
  • Acura: up 5.6%
  • Volvo: up 4.5%
  • Land Rover: up 3.3%
  • Dodge: up 2.5%
  • Toyota: up 2%
  • Hyundai: up 1.76%
  • BMW: up 1.67%
  • Nissan: up 1.13%
  • Kia: up 1.01%


  • Lexus: down 3.3%
  • Honda: down 5.9%
  • Jeep: down 7.1%
  • Porsche: down 9.5%
  • Infiniti: down 10.4%
  • Jaguar: down 14.5%
  • Mercedes: down 14.8%
  • Mazda: down 16%
  • Mitsubishi: down 21%
  • Smart: down 23% to 85 sales.
  • Chrysler: down 26%
  • Fiat: down 29%
  • Mini: down 33%
  • Alfa Romeo: down 34%

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