Moms-to-Be Favor SUVs, Safety Over Style

New moms and moms-to-be favor midsize SUVs in a new study from

The “New and Expecting Moms” survey asked thousands of drivers across the country about their preferences on vehicles for new moms.

Study Results

The majority of those polled (32%) say mid-sized SUVs are the best vehicle type for expecting moms, followed by compact cars at 28%. However, most believe that performance and safety rating (34.8%), followed by style and design (31.6%), are more important than space and storage (19.6%) and 3-row seating options (14%). It can be concluded that expecting moms today opt for safety, style, and design of a new vehicle over the practicality of accessibility and space.

Respondents also said safety rating (65.4%) is more important to them than budget or price (34.6%).

When asked which model would make the best vehicle for new or expecting moms, most said Chevy Tahoe (26.9%), followed by Ford Explorer (20.8%), Volkswagen Tiguan (20.4%), Lexus RX (17.7%), and Toyota Sienna (14.2%).

Other Key Findings:

  • Over 65% of those polled said that a new mom should spend between $30,000-$45,000 on a new car, while just 16% said they would spend $46,000 or more, and 19% said they would spend less than $30,000.
  • Out of the 65% of women and the 35% of men respondents who were polled, over 58% said that they believe it’s better for a new mom to lease a car over the 42% who said that they should buy. Many realize their automotive needs will change in the coming years and enjoy the flexibility of leasing.
  • Most drivers also voted that expecting moms should get vehicles with cloth and leather combination seat options (57.7%), followed by leather- (23.1%) and cloth-only (19.2%).
  • The most appealing colors for expecting mothers were Silver (33.1%) followed by white (26.7%) black (18.6%) dark gray (12.3%) and brown (9.3%).

  • Photo Credit: GM
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