Much-Improved 2019 Toyota Avalon Ups Its Comfort, Style, and Performance

Jerry Reynolds | July 31, 2018
Much-Improved 2019 Toyota Avalon Ups Its Comfort, Style, and Performance

This week we are taking a look at the completely redesigned 2019 Toyota Avalon, Toyota’s flagship sedan.  It is longer, lower, and wider than the previous version and clearly, Toyota is seeking a younger owner base.

The exterior looks more edgy with 18” wheels, LED lights in the front and rear, the new front grill, and rear dual exhaust with chrome tips.

The 2019 comes in 4 trim levels, the XLE, the XSE, the Limited model which is what this one is, and the sporty Touring model.

Under the hood, the 2019 Avalon has the proven 3.5-liter V6 that is hooked to an 8-speed automatic and together they generate 301-horses.  All Avalons are front-wheel drive and there is a hybrid available.  Toyota has hinted there would be an all-wheel drive variation in the not too distant future.

Lexus Cabin Cues

You certainly see design cues from Lexus when you enter the cabin. Sculpted door panels greet you and they match up nicely to the contoured leather heated and cooled front seats.  The first impression when you open the door is terrific.

When you sit down behind the power tilt, multi-function steering wheel, you see bright, colorful gauges and a 7” driver information display.  As you look up, you see a large head-up display that has multiple displays.

The center console is clean and attractive with an armrest and glove box that houses two USB ports.  You’ll find two more in the back seat area.

Near the gearshift, which you can shift manually, are the drive modes.  You can choose from Eco, Normal, or my favorite, Sport.  You can also turn on the Auto Hold, which allows you to take your foot off the brake when stopped, then releases when you touch the gas pedal.

In the middle of the stitched dash you find a 9” touchscreen that houses the simple-to-use Toyota Entune system.  From there, you operate the 14-speaker JBL sound system, the navigation system, Apple Car Play, Bluetooth, and backup camera.  Android Auto is not available yet, but the system is compatible with Alexa.  It will allow you to talk to your home Alexa from your car and vice-versa.

The interior is extremely well-done overall and the Avalon has a huge amount of head and leg room in front, and the rear seat, which is heated, is massive and very comfortable.  It has a really large trunk, too.

Standard Features and Options

The Limited comes completely loaded standard features including a power sunroof, pre-collision system, lane departure warning with steering assist, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and automatic high beam headlights.

The only option on my tester is the $1150 Advanced Safety package which is essentially an upgraded Bird’s Eye View rear camera with rear cross-traffic braking, and parking sensors.

Ride, Fuel Economy and What You'll Pay

The Avalon is very quiet inside, and in normal mode, you have a great luxury car.  Go to Sport mode, and the shocks firm up, the steering changes, and the transmission shifts quicker.  It’s very enjoyable and handles great thanks to Toyota’s New Global Architecture which debuted on the 2018 Camry.  One other thing that is exceptional with this car is the paint quality.  It just glimmers in the sunlight.

Gas mileage is good at 22 City and 31 Highway, great for a car this size.  Total MSRP is $43,964, which I find to be terrific for what you get.

Let’s address the elephant in the room.  Some of you will turn your nose up when you see the grill, but don’t let that deter you from considering the new Avalon.  Drive the Avalon, you can’t see the grill when you are behind the wheel.

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2019 Toyota Avalon Limited

  • What I liked most: The interior and the quietness of the car.      
  • What I would change: I’d throttle back the grill a little.      
  • MSRP: Base price $41,800 as equipped $43,964.
  • Fuel Economy:  22 city/31 highway/25 combined.
  • Official Color:  Brownstone. 
  • Odometer reading when tested: 2800 miles.
  • Weight:  3660 pounds.
  • Spare Tire:  Temporary spare.  
  • Length-Width-Height: 195.9” long/72.8” wide/56.5” high.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.8 gallons with the filler on the driver’s side. 
  • Towing Capacity:  N/A.
  • 2019 Avalon in a few words: A much-improved Avalon that is a joy to drive and has a luxurious exterior.
  • Warranty:  3-years/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, 5-year/60,000 mile power train warranty.  Two-years of roadside assistance, and two-years/25,000 miles of free maintenance visits.
  • Final Assembly Location:  Georgetown, Kentucky.                         
  • Manufacturers website:
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Car P.
Ray, thanks for the kind words, that means a lot to me! I appreciate you listening to the show!

Jerry Reynolds, President
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Ray T.
You do a great job and I listen to you on radio religiously each week. The knowledge and experience stand out and the respectful manner speaks volumes. Thank you
Car P.
Except for rare cases, all cars will run on regular unleaded, even if some cars recommend premium. I have covered this on the air and online here:

I just don’t pay attention to what the factory recommends unless it is a super high-horsepower engine. Thanks for listening.

Jerry Reynolds, President
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Ken .
Enjoy the auto reviews that you do each week. I would like to suggest that possibly you could add the feature of what grade if fuel is recommended for the vehicle. In this age of ever changing prices it would be helpful to the reader in deciding if they would want this vehicle.
Doug J.
Nice looking car if it was not for that Texas jackrabbit Veg-O-Matic grill.
so h.
I didn't realize Toyota was still making the Avalon. I've only seen the older models on the street. I think the grill is cool!
David R.
The Toyota interiors are reminiscent of the styling cues I remember of in the Harley Earl GM designs of Buick back in the early '60's when I was growing up. Way too much styling that will become impractical very quickly as one realizes how all those wonderful styling edges will collect dust as the months go by.

Of course, if anything happens with the new model like what happened to my father-in-law it might just sell well. (He bought the last generation Avalon, kept it for 8 months, then discovered he's too weak to get into or out of it, so he bought a Rav4 instead. He keeps talking about the Avalon, and it's been 2 years since he dumped it!)