NHTSA: 85 Million More Takata Airbags Could Be Unsafe


This is way past out of hand. This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned Americans that 85 million potentially defective Takata air bags may still need to be recalled. Yes, that’s on top of the 28.8 million already in on recall lists.

The agency is waiting for Takata to prove whether all of its airbags are safe. If Takata fails to do that, the 85 million could be eventually be added to what is already the biggest automotive recall in history. Takata airbags that can explode are linked to at least 11 deaths worldwide, ten of those in the US.

Thursday, according to a Automotive News reporter tweet, NHTSA officials also gave an update on the most recent death linked to a faulty air bag. Last month, a Texas high school student was killed when the air bag ruptured in her 2002 Honda Civic following a rear-end crash.

“Everybody should have walked away from this,” Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Beckwith said in an interview. Beckwith said shrapnel punctured the airbag and sliced the young woman’s neck and carotid artery. She died at the scene.

Here are the most recent completion rates as of March 11, 2016 as listed on the Safercar.gov website.

Completion Rates

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