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If thereís one thing that is a given, this Memorial Day Weekend will be a busy one at car dealerships. Thereís a reason for that of course. There is a tremendous amount of pent-up demand out there due to the Coronavirus shutdown, and frankly people are ready to get out and buy.

All this said itís a great weekend to score a fantastic deal on a new vehicle Ė so donít let the thought of crowds deter you, all our dealers are social distancing in their sanitized showrooms. It may take a little more patience than usual, but if you keep these Car Pro tips in mind you can have your best car buying experience ever, even on a busy three-day holiday weekend.

Know Before You Go:

If youíre reading this, thereís a good chance youíve already done your homework and/or you are doing it now. This means youíve already read reviews like ours on the CarPROUSA website to narrow down your model choices. You have a pretty good idea of what you want and the features you canít live without. Youíve also considered which driverís assistance safety technologies are important to you. Other things to consider ahead of time:

Financing Prep
You also know your budget, your credit rating and have some idea of current incentives and rebates. Perhaps youíve even been pre-approved for a car loan. That can be difficult to do, but at least you can find out what interest rate you can get on your own.

TIP: Give your dealer a chance to get you a better interest rate. It often can. If the dealer can save you a quarter to half a percent on interest, let it have the business and you pocket the savings.

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Leasing vs. Buying
If you havenít already, research leasing versus buying before you get to the dealership. Factors to take into consideration include how many miles a year you drive, how long you usually like to keep your car and insurance quotes, which are generally higher if you lease due to manufacturer requirements.

TIP: Donít get caught up in a lower monthly payment if there is any risk of driving over the mileage limits. Itíll cost you a pretty penny in the end. Also, stay away from third-party lease companies.

You definitely want to shop for insurance on your make and models of choice ahead of time. You donít want to be hit with an unpleasant monthly payment surprise after your purchase. Shop around for different quotes. Liability limits are just one factor.

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At the Dealership:

So youíve done your homework and are ready to hit the dealership. On a busy holiday weekend, it can require a bit more patience, but these tips will make the process work more smoothly

Donít Wait to Ask Questions
First, you want to ask the dealership for its process. It can vary from dealership to dealership. Knowing the dealerís process can help things move more quickly, more smoothly and without any guesswork.

TIP: Bad dealerships would never want to disclose their process to car buyers upfront for one simple reason: it is all about control.

Be Straight-Forward and Up Front
You donít want a dealer to play games, and you shouldnít either. To help things move faster, disclose trade-ins or credit issues up front. The sooner the salesperson knows about them he or she can get your trade-in evaluated quickly and also start working to resolve financial hurdles.

Test Drives
Ideally, youíll try to take a test drive during the week when a salesperson has more time to give you. If you canít make that happen, be an early bird. Schedule your appointment for first thing in the morning if youíre really averse to crowds. Regardless of when you take it, a test drive is a must before buying any new vehicle. Itís a huge factor in avoiding buyerís remorse.

TIP: When you make your appointment, ask for a 30-minute test drive at a minimum.

Donít Rush the Finance Process
So youíve picked out your new wheels and canít wait to hit the road, but donít rush your time in the finance office. Always take the time to read what you sign. Make sure the numbers match what you agreed to.

TIP: Look at every line on the finance contract that has a dollar amount next to it. You will see normal charges for tax, title, and license, but if there are any added items, they must be broken out on the contract itself, so they are easy to spot.

Choose a Car Pro Certified Dealer

The biggest thing that sets you apart from any other buyer out there is being a CarProUSA VIP. This is true no matter what time of year you buy. The CarProUSA VIP Process is what you hear me talk about weekly on the Car Pro Radio Show.

Submit a CarProUSA VIP Priority Pass
Speed things up right away by filling out a CarProUSA Priority Pass. Youíll find one on the Certified Dealer page you select. Once you do that, the ball is rolling and a Car Pro Specialist will be in touch with you right away.

Expect the CarProUSA Way
If you go with one of our trusted CarProUSA Certified Dealers, youíll get dependable follow-through, honest talk about a fair price that reduces frustrating negotiations, and an overall simplified process.

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Choosing to use the CarProUSA VIP Process and also following all of these car shopping tips wonít just help you during holiday weekend buying periods, but year-round.

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