New Yearís Day Tops List of Holidays With Most Car Thefts

New data released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) shows a total of 22,770 vehicles were reported stolen on the 11 holidays in 2017 covered in this report. NICB theft data is pulled from the National Crime Information Centerís (NCIC) stolen vehicle file.

Holidays With Most Car Thefts

New Yearís Day tallied the most holiday thefts with 2,469. It was followed, in descending order, by Presidentís Day, Halloween, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Halloween, the number one holiday for vehicle thefts in the last report, falls to number three in todayís report.

2017 Holiday Vehicle Theft Report

States With Most Holiday Car Thefts

California was the number one state with the most holiday vehicle thefts in 2017 with 5,142. It was followed by, in descending order, Texas, Florida, Washington and Georgia.

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