November U.S. Auto National Sales Results

Winners & losers street sign
Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
November sales are in the books, with the automakers that report on a monthly basis at least and when all was said and done, the U.S. auto industry refused to give up. Overall sales were up just over 2% from November 2018 with trucks and SUVs accounting for the bulk of the increase.

Incentive spending was up from year ago levels, and it appears that certainly helped fuel the increase. Luxury brands overall did exceptionally well due to end of year lease specials.

Winners outnumbered losers by a huge margin with Genesis once again having the largest increase, and Infiniti having the largest decrease.

Here are your winners and losers for the month of November 2019, as gauged against November 2018:


Genesis ⇧ 419%
McLaren ⇧ 52.5%
Audi ⇧ 20.7%
Mazda ⇧ 18%
Volvo ⇧ 17.8%
Lamborghini ⇧ 16%
Lexus ⇧ 13.8%
Mercedes-Benz ⇧ 13%
Honda ⇧ 12.2%
Porsche ⇧ 11.5%
Land Rover ⇧ 11.3%
Kia ⇧ 12%
BMW ⇧ 10.2%
VW ⇧ 9.1%
Toyota ⇧ 8.4%
Mitsubishi ⇧ 6.5%
Hyundai ⇧ 6.2%
Acura ⇧ 3.1%
Rolls Royce ⇧ 1.9%
Subaru ⇧ 0.2%


Infiniti ⇩ 33.4%
Nissan ⇩ 13.3%
Mini ⇩ 13.1%
Jaguar ⇩ 7.5%
Bentley ⇩ 2.9%

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