October 2019 National Auto Sales Results

Winners / Losers
Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
The sales numbers started rolling in for October last Friday, of course without Ford, GM, or Fiat Chrysler. Forecasters had anticipated October 2019 sales to be fewer than October 2018, but as is often the case, they were wrong.

Sales last month totaled 748,744 versus October 2018 sales of 730,288. That represents an increase of 2.5%. It also gave the auto industry hope of surpassing 17 million sales again for the year. We do not know what effect sales from Ford, GM, and FCA would have had on the sales increase.

Winners outpaced losers for the month, led by Genesis once again, and Infiniti suffered the biggest month-over-month loss.

Here are the car companies that report monthly sales broken down by those that increased sales in October 2019 versus sales in October 2018:


Genesis 420%
McLaren 55%
Volvo 20%
Audi 19.4%
Lamborghini 16%
Porsche 13%
Hyundai 11.3%
Kia 10.9%
BMW 9.4%
Honda 8.2%
Mazda 4.5%
Land Rover 3.1%
Acura 2.4%
Bentley 2.4%
Rolls-Royce 1.9%
Lexus 1.9%
Mercedes 1.3%
Subaru 0.2%


Infiniti 23%
Jaguar 11.3%
Mitsubishi 7.9%
Mini 6.4%
Nissan 3.7%
VW 3.2%
Toyota 1.6%
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