On The Air: Car Pro Show Welcomes Houston Automobile Dealers Association President

A special thank you to all of the Car Pro Show listeners who stopped by the booth during our live broadcast from the Houston Auto Show.

Host Jerry Reynolds and his sidekick Kevin McCarthy welcomed Wyatt Wainwright, President of the Houston Automobile Dealers Association, onto the show. Watch the video and read the transcript below.

JERRY REYNOLDS: Wyatt Wainwright is with us. He is the President of the Houston Automobile Dealers Association. Wyatt, we haven’t been here in 5 years. My goodness has this thing grown.

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: It has. We’re are all smiles having a blast today, obviously you guys must be growing your show as well because you are like celebrities. I mean, for those just listening I mean literally it is a stream of people coming by tapping these guys on the shoulder, kissing them on the cheek, giving them a hug, asking the questions off the air, so I don’t know you must have a big following in Houston.

JERRY REYNOLDS: We’ve been on the air here for more than a dozen years and this has always been one of my favorites. We do a lot of auto shows. What blows my mind about today, is anybody can have great attendance when the weather is really bad. But to have a
beautiful Saturday and I look around at the crowd of people in here and that is amazing.

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: We are fortunate, it is beautiful weather which scares, you think is everyone going to go play golf, or what are they going to do, but we hover on Saturday right around 50,00 every year. Every year we are hoping we tip over that mark. But it’is a phenom sat crowd at the has.


WYATT WAINWRIGHT: 50,000, five-zero.

JERRY REYNOLDS: You’ve got some vehicles here that we haven’t seen in Texas before. The Mustang Mach-E, the Corvette, 2020 the Land Rover Defender. You guys you have got to be really doing a great job working with the auto manufacturers to get them to show up. Because the trend is the opposite. The trend is everybody is backing away from auto shows.

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: Cross your fingers whatever we’ve maybe getting a little lucky.
We debuted the Seltos, the new Kia, the new 2021 Tahoe. I don’t know how many of the 2020 Tahoe’s they will sell around the country but they are going to sell a lot of them right here in Houston, Texas, and we debuted it at the charity gala on Tuesday night it was awesome.

JERRY REYNOLDS: I love that. Can you tell in the first few days how attendance this year is vs a year ago.

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: We are right on top of last year. We were down a little bit the first day because it was miserable rain but even in the rain I am in line behind people doing test drives. I don’t know, maybe we’re just blessed, maybe Houston just loves car shows more than other cities. I don’t know but the city has really embraced what we have going on here and we’re thrilled, we’re all smiles.

JERRY REYNOLDS: I told a caller awhile ago, that one of the things I think auto shows are the best for is if you have specific needs, if you are very tall, very short, if you’re heavy, if you need a 4X8 piece of plywood to go on the back of an SUV or pickup. Besides that and people being able to come and see all the cars in one place instead of driving to dealer to dealer to dealer. What do you see at the top thing people need to understand about auto shows?

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: I would say our mix here of really really embracing all of the ride and drives. We try to work the deal so if they exhibit here they have a ride and drive. And not all of them do it but most. We have somewhere between 80 and 90 different models they can test drive. We embrace the classics at the Houston Auto Show. We fill the lobby full of Classics.
I don’t know, I love the classics and I love the people that love them so we are not going to stick a little car corral of classic and say we have classics, no I want to cater I want them to love the Houston Auto Show. We have probably 60 this year and we are always working to grow our classic and the way we exhibit them. As well as aftermarket, all the shops in town, I know it’s hard for them to man and staff a five day show with the hours they have to do But we’ll put the people on if they come to Houston.

JERRY REYNOLDS: Quite a number of the manufacturers if you come to the show and sign and if you buy a car in the next week to 10 days they’ll give you an extra rebate for that.

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: Auto show cash, I love when the do that.


WYATT WAINWRIGHT: And if they partner with us and if they put it on their spots on TV between our media buy letting everyone know a car show is in town and auto show cash. You start to feel like every spot on TV is talking auto show.

JERRY REYNOLDS: We are talking to Wyatt Wainwright, the President of the Houston Automobile Dealer Association he stopped by to talk to us today. Wyatt anything we’re missing here that people need to know?

WYATT WAINWRIGHT: I think you got it, we’re thrilled to have you guys in town, thrilled to have you here in Houston, I had no idea that you, legit, I will tell you this, I look up and I get this radio call on, I’m so tired I lose track, Wednesday or Thursday, Roger Staubach out of nowhere is walking the center aisle of the Houston Auto Show with a few guys, I guess he is in town on business I know he lives in Dallas. You know, Roger was getting a lot of slaps on the back but I think you got him beat. I think you’re more famous than a Hall of Fame quarterback.


KEVIN MCCARTHY: There’s a first time for everything.

JERRY REYNOLDS: That’s very kind. Very kind. And thank you we hope to come back here again really soon. I don’t want it to be five years again in between.


JERRY REYNOLDS: Wyatt Wainwright thank you so much for being here with us today good luck on the rest of your show and the future.
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