PROOF: KBB & The Others Are WAY OFF On Used Values

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Especially lately, as I keep warning people on the Car Pro Show, all the online services are WAY off on used values. Their aim is to sell ads and send dealers leads, that is what they get paid for. The latest trend is, instead of being high on values as usual, they are low.

As proof of how far they are off, check this email that came in last Sunday:

Jerry and Kevin,

Thanks for putting $3,500 in my pocket this week. I listen to your show and I was going to list my Toyota for the amount Autotrader recommended. But since it is in great shape, with not too many miles and listening to your show about the prices of used vehicles, I listed it $3,500 higher. Autotrader said the price was "high" and few would see my ad.

I had multiple offers, sold it at full price and thank you for your great advice. $2,000 of that amount is being donated to animal rescue orgs thanks to the Jerry Reynolds Car Pro Show.

Jay V.
Salada, TX

I always try to give the best automotive advice to listeners, and I work hard to keep up with current market conditions, both new and used, so I can tell you what I think is best for you.

Sometimes, however, we change lives. We make dreams come true for nice people, and in this case, thanks to Jay, some deserving animals will be helped.

I am humbled.

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