Pickup Truck Sales Year-To-Date

2019 Ford F-150 Limited rear
Credit: Ford
Truck sales continue to thrive in 2019. All year Iíve been watching the race for #2, which for decades has been held by Chevrolet. However, this year the new Ram has been outselling the Silverado and looks poised to hang on to the second spot in volume. The GM strike is not helping the situation.

Total sales through the third quarter ended up at 2,274,000 pickup trucks versus 2,153,000 through September of 2018. For the month of September, only Silverado and Colorado showed increases from September 2018.

Here are your pickup sales numbers so far this year:

Truck Sales Year-To-Date As of 3rd Quarter

Ford F-Series: 662,574
Ram pickup: 461,115
Chevy Silverado: 412,258
Toyota Tacoma: 187,622
GMC Sierra: 163,603
Chevy Colorado: 96,819
Toyota Tundra: 86,062
Nissan Frontier: 54,686
Ford Ranger: 50,512
GMC Canyon: 26,301
Nissan Titan: 25,412
Honda Ridgeline: 23,633
Jeep Gladiator: 23,374
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