Raised By Goats: The Story Of the New Ford Bronco Sport

New Ford Bronco
Barney, Maggie, Hattie, Bronco Sport, Vinnie, Vinnie friend 1, Vinnie friend 2, Vinnie friend 3. Credit: Ford.

Ford is launching the new Bronco Sport with a new marketing campaign - and the first of three spots is dubbed “Raised by Goats.” It highlights the Bronco Sport G.O.A.T terrain management modes, and yes, as the title indicates, it features live goats along with the SUV.

“Raised by Goats”

The spot is a mythical story of how the Bronco Sport came to be and develop its off-road capability. In its press release Ford clues us in on the storyline, saying that the story goes that a herd of goats came upon a colt in the mountains trapped under a rock. They rescue him, then raise him as their own, teaching him to navigate the craggy terrain and rough waters of the region. Sturdy, confident and now immensely capable, the horse transforms – into the adventure-ready, all-new Ford Bronco Sport.

The spot is the first of three campaign spots produced by Wieden+Kennedy New York for Ford. It highlights the Bronco Sport’s G.O.A.T. Modes equipped with up to seven terrain management modes helping drivers “go over any type of terrain.” (A second spot also highlighting G.O.A.T Modes launched on January 11th.)

All three spots are under the umbrella of Ford’s recently launched “Built Wild” campaign platform. The first two focus on the extreme capability and power of the Bronco Sport. All models feature an independent front and rear suspension engineered and performance-tested in demanding environments across North America. The suspension, complemented by the terrain management technologies, is optimized to help drivers confidently maintain vehicle composure while aggressively taking on rugged terrain.

The third campaign spot, debuting in February, focuses on the versatility and customization options available.

“The Bronco Sport is ready to introduce even more outdoor enthusiasts to the wild,” said Matt VanDyke, director, U.S. marketing. “This campaign kicks off with a fun, mythical story of how the Sport – the Bronco of small SUVs – developed its impressive off-road capability.”

G.O.A.T. was actually the original internal code name for the '66 Bronco project: Goes Over All Terrain.

Keeping it Authentic

Shot in Washington state on Mt. Baker, a legendary volcano in North Cascades National Park, the production came with its own set of challenges – namely, casting and training the proper goats and horses for the piece.

“We decided early on that we wanted to make this true to nature, using real animals in an authentic environment,” said Stuart Jennings, creative director, Wieden+Kennedy New York. “So we were doing a lot of work even before the cameras were rolling, researching breeds of goats, hiring animal trainers, talking through the performances and developing our visual script.”

Extra time was built into the shoot to consider the needs of the animals, he emphasized. Horses can be trained somewhat easily, but goats are another story.

“Goats are highly intelligent, but they’re stubborn. Sometimes, they just don’t want to listen. If they want to eat grass, they’ll eat grass,” Jennings said. “We just had to wait sometimes and cheer them on to do their performance.”

In fact, he added, the animal trainers “interviewed” a wide variety of goats, since each has a distinct personality and temperament, choosing ones that would best work for the piece.

“We really wanted to walk the line on this one – the animals are adorable, but the focus is truly on Bronco Sport,” he said. “The idea is this vehicle is built for the wild, it’s rugged and tough, and the ultimate takeaway is Bronco has G.O.A.T. Modes. We allude to that all the way through. It’s not just a knob on the vehicle – it’s a system that can take you nearly anywhere you want to go.”

Directed by Stacy Wall, who also shot Ford’s Built for America campaign, the 60-second spot debuted during the Rams-Seahawks NFL Playoffs Wild Card game.

The second spot, titled “Go There”, debuted on January 11 on Good Morning America. It was directed by both Wall and Lisa Gunning and cuts quickly in and out of multiple outdoor environments to showcase how the Bronco Sport is ready for any adventure.

The final spot, “Find Your Wild,” was directed by Gunning and highlights the versatility of the vehicle, as well. Bronco Sport offers more than 100 factory-backed and aftermarket accessories for maximum personalization, enabling dealers to provide outfitting-on-demand for each owner’s individual adventure needs. Buyers also can opt for any of four lifestyle accessory bundles themed Bike, Snow, Water and Camping.

A flip-glass rear window, low-load floor cargo area, overlanding-ready roof rack with capacity to make roof-top tent camping easy, and front fender peaks allowing the driver to see the corners of the vehicle easily from behind the wheel confirm Bronco Sport is purpose-built for adventure.

Bronco Sport can quickly help with basecamp setup thanks to an innovative slide-out working table, part of the available five-way configurable Cargo Management System, plus an available class-exclusive 400-watt inverter and standard liftgate floodlamps that illuminate up to 129 square feet for when the adventure ends after sundown.

“Whatever you’re into, you can make this vehicle work for you,” said Jennings. “The Bronco Sport is amazing, and we wanted to show that in the most impactful way possible.”

The final spot in the campaign airs in February.

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