Report: Nissan Titan XD Is Going Away

2019 Nissan Titan XD
Credit: Nissan
We had a caller on the CarProUSA Show last week asking me about the Nissan Titan XD, which has a Cummins diesel. I explained that I never actually understood this truck. It is a three-quarter ton diesel, but only has 310-horses and 10,600 pounds of towing capacity.

In my 2016 review, which is linked below, I theorized that Nissan made the Titan just heavy enough to not have to disclose EPA fuel economy ratings, which are not required on trucks larger than half-tons.

Click here to read and watch my 2016 Nissan Titan XD Diesel Review →

Then word came earlier this week from the website The Drive that Nissan is axing the Titan XD at the end of this year.

According to The Drive report, a Nissan spokesperson said: “This will help better position in the long term as we prepare for the launch of the new, dramatically refreshed 2020 Titan and the Titan XD Gas later this year.” This is an indication that Nissan has no plans to stay in the three-quarter ton diesel market.

Sales of the Titan have been pretty dismal. In the latest monthly sales figures for all the automakers, which was June, Titan sold just 2,265 trucks. This compares with over 70,000 F-Series trucks. For June, Ram sold 68,000 and the Silverado came in with 42,000. In fact, Titan was dead last in sales, in spite of a 5-year/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Nissan tried its best to find a midway spot between half-ton and three-quarter ton trucks, but clearly, America said: “no thank you.”
CarProUSA Fan
Jerry, I seem to remember a long time ago you said that Nissian or Toyota (maybe it was Toyota) asked you what they had to do to gain traction in the pick up truck market in the USA, and you told them "build a diesel." This was a story your told maybe back when you had dealerships or just after you exited them.

Do you recall this? I wonder if the company tried to take your advice but got it wrong.

Anyway, great show, love the weekly emails and the website. Thanks for helping us ordinary folks.
The Car P.
Yes, I remember it well. It was Toyota wanting to know how to get into the fleet truck business. This was after I'd been out of the Ford business for a year or so.

Obviously they didn't listen but I was honored to be there.

You have a GREAT memory!

Jerry Reynolds