Research: Best Vehicles To Buy New VS Used

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

You have heard me say on the air often that some vehicles are better bought as used, and the opposite is also true, depending on new vehicle incentives. You also know I talk a lot about good resale value and vehicles with poor values.

The good folks at research firm iSeeCars looked at six million transactions in late 2017 and early 2018 to see what the differences were monetarily. The data is interesting and I believe the numbers still bear out today.

Here are the best vehicles to buy new, and the best vehicles to buy used.

Top vehicles to Buy New Over Used:

1.Jeep Wrangler8.9%$2.199
2.Toyota Tacoma10.4%$3,320
3.Toyota 4Runner10.4%$3,320
4.Nissan Frontier13.3%$3,180
5.Honda Pilot13.7%$4,858
6.Chevy Colorado13.7%$4,154
7.Honda HR-V13.8%$2,885
Jeep Renegade14.1%$2,897
9.Subaru WRX14.2%$4,115

Top Vehicles to Buy Used:

1.Cadillac XTS-38.7%-$20,965
2.Jeep Compass-34.8%-$9,652
3.Mercedes E-Class-34.5%-$22,919
4.Lincoln MKZ-33.7%-$14,328
5.Cadillac CTS-33.4%-$18,170
6.Infiniti Q50-32.2%-$14,654
7.Toyota Camry-30.7%-$8,213
8.Kia Sedona-30%-$9,682
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