Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?

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Iíve talked about this on the air many times, whether to buy an extended warranty or not. I get this question from a listener easily once a day, so letís go through it.

Are Extended Warranties a Good Investment?

I think an extended warranty on a car is a good investment. If you have not priced vehicle repairs lately, like a water pump or air conditioning compressor, you might be shocked as to how much they run these days. We all expect an engine problem or transmission problem will cost a lot, but the other more common repairs will cost you a bundle and, usually, one claim on the warranty will cover the cost of the warranty.

My rules about where to purchase a warranty are simple: from a good dealership. Going one step further, buy it from the dealership you are likely to use for service. This can shortcut your time and trouble in service since they are familiar with the contract rules and stipulations. Should there be a dispute on what is covered and what is not; the dealer you bought the warranty from has a vested interest in your satisfaction.

What if the dealer offers you a non-factory extended warranty?

For many years I recommended only buying the factory policy, in other words, the warranty backed by the manufacturer of the car. As time has gone on, I have softened my stance on this issue.

The real plus of the factory warranty is that it is good at any dealership that sells that brand. The downside is that the dealer has no control of gray areas. If the factory says a problem is not covered or is denied due to perceived abuse, the dealerís hands are tied. If you have a non-factory warranty, the dealer can call them and plead your case. The dealer is a good customer of warranty companies.

When Should You Buy One?

Timing-wise, if you want to buy a warranty, usually the time you buy the car is the best time. There are surcharges on most warranties if you wait to buy it later. In most cases, you can purchase a warranty on your car up to the time your vehicle is inside the bumper-to-bumper warranty period.

One big thing to know before you purchase a warranty is what time and mileage will work best for you. There are a lot of different combinations. Also, give thought to how much coverage you want. Generally, you can go from basic powertrain coverage, all the way up to plans that cover maintenance. The price, of course, goes up with the higher levels of coverage. You can also usually choose a low deductible amount, or save money on the cost of the warranty by paying a higher deductible.

Speaking of price, many times you can get a discount on the warranty just for asking. In a lot of cases, the amount you pay for a warranty is negotiable. Like everything else, it never hurts to ask! However, in recent years, some dealerships have been sued for not offering like warranties to different people at the same price. The allegation is discrimination. Still, it doesnít hurt to ask for 10% or so off the price.

Don't Believe the Ads You See

I warn you, too, that I donít know of any legitimate warranty company that will write a policy on a vehicle with 100,000 miles or more. There are a lot of companies who make the warranties on these mileage vehicles sound great, but generally, in the fine print, there are a lot of ways they can wiggle out of paying the claim.

CarShield does the most advertising, and I get the most questions on this company. Their ads are effective and convincing. However, if you look at the Better Business Bureau website under their name, here is what you find:

"Better Business Bureau is advising consumers to use caution when considering doing business with CarShield, an Auto Service Contract company.† BBB has received a pattern of consumer complaints alleging misleading sales and advertising practices, failure to cover repairs, difficulty cancelling a policy and obtaining a refund, delays in taking and processing customer claims, sent harassing mail solicitations, and poor customer service."

In Closing

In summary, I recommend you buy a good warranty from a good dealership that will stand behind what it sells. I have seen many cases where extended warranties have saved people from financial ruin.

[Editor's Note: This article was updated 2/10/21.]

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I listen to your show every Saturday. I live Dallas, TX.
As I was listening this weekend you mention seniors leasing cars. My husband was always against leasing. He passed 5 years ago. I had to purchase a new car this past July 2020. My payments are huge. I read your article about leasing.
Can I turn my new car in to the dealer and get a lease.
I have a Kia Sorento 2020.
The Car Pro
Unfortunately probably not. Hard to get out of a deal this soon. Possibly about half way through the loan on this vehicle something can be done, but not likely before that unless you put a lot of money down.

Let me know how I can help.

Jerry Reynolds
C. Senior
I bought a 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE out of state a couple weeks ago and drove it home. There were specific creatures I was looking for and none were available locally. I always use my credit union for financing and extended warranty. I always get an unbeatable rate and have never had a problem with the warranty company paying for covered repairs. Because of some of the red tape involved with an out of state purchase it made sense to use the dealer's financing to buy it and then refinance after getting home. I'm in the process of doing that, but for the first time ever, my loan officer is saying their warranty company won't cover this vehicle. The Carfax is clean, it only has 18,000 miles on it with a four year 50,000 mile factory warranty so I'm a bit nonplussed. Especially since I checked the CarPros website before the purchase and the review of this year, make and model seemed very positive. Three questions: 1. Should I be concerned? Should I sell it before the factory warranty expires? 3. Can you recommend a few reputable extended warranty companies?
The Car Pro
Some warranty companies just donít cover certain vehicles, that doesnít mean the vehicle is bad at all. You can likely purchase a warranty from a local Land Rover dealer and cover yourself.

Jerry Reynolds
M. Gruen
Purchased a 2017 Ford Edge new and did not buy the dealership's extended warranty. Now have 26,000 miles and the original 36 mo/36,000 miles has expired. I have never had a single issue or repair. I can still buy an extended warranty for $2875 for 4years/50,000 miles or $2975 for 5years/50,000. These prices Seem much higher than what I could have purchased the extended warranty for at the time I bought the car. I feel an extended warranty is a good idea just wondering if these prices are reasonable. It is a good dealership, I bought the car there, close, and where I would take the car for service.
The Car Pro
Good to hear from you. You are correct, past 3 years/36000 miles the prices jump because you are buying a used car warranty versus one on a new car during the new car warranty period.

Extended Warranties

I still think it's a good idea to get one. Good luck.

Jerry Reynolds
Ryan Y.
We had to travel to purchase the Mercedes Benz GL 450 we wanted but did not purchase the dealership extended warranty because the dealership was too far from my home for us to use. I would like to purchase an warranty but I don't know which to choose. I have found several including CarSheild, Endurance, PMC, AutoAssure & Carchex. Do you recommend any of these or have a recommendation for a extended warranty that can be purchased when the dealership is not an option?
Thank you so much,
Ryan Yanez
The Car Pro
Ryan, purchase a warranty from the dealer youíll use for service, as per my FAQ article:

Jerry Reynolds
Debbie R
Hi Jerry,

I love your show! I am looking into purchasing a used SUV. I would like to either get an Audi Q3, BMW X3, or a Lexus NX. Do you recommend one over the other? Also what exactly would you look for in a used vehicle. In the past I have only purchased brand new cars and this is all new to me? Thank you.
The Car Pro
Debbie, good to hear from you. The least out of pocket in the future will be the Lexus, they just make great SUVs, and they have the overall lowest cost of ownership. I would try to buy Certified for sure.

Not sure where you are located, but I have good Lexus dealers in all the markets my show airs in. Just look under CERTIFIED DEALERS at my website.

Jerry Reynolds
Howard S.
I recently purchased a 2018 preowned M230 convertible from a local BMW dealer. Does it make sense for me to buy a extended warranty since I only drive approx. 5M / yr.
Appreciate your input !
The Car Pro
Howard, I buy them myself. As I say on my FAQ page on this subject, generally one claim will pay for the whole warranty. Read that article, it will help you!

Jerry Reynolds
Hi I bought a Lincoln Navigator and the owner had an extended warranty on it. Will that warrant extend to me?
The Car Pro
It has to be transferred to you, which usually costs $25 or so.

Jerry Reynolds
Paul N
My factory warranty will expire in 11 months. Does it make sense to buy now or wait until next summer? Also does it make sense to shop factory extended warranties between dealerships? I have my vehicle serviced by a dealer close to home as the dealer I purchased from is out of town.
The Car Pro
Paul, yes i would wait until a little later and I would purchase from the dealer you use for service, that will save you both time.

GOOD luck.

Jerry Reynolds
Kathy G
I have a 2017 Acura RDX and bought an extended warranty at the time of purchase. I am considering upgrading to newer RDX. My question is ... would the extended warranty be transferable to the new vehicle? Thank for your assistance....
Amy P.
No, it cannot be transferred but you can cancel the old warranty for a pro-rata refund.

Jerry Reynolds
Louise P.
I bought a new ford edge on your recommendation and love I buy an extended warranty on a new car??
Best aftermarket car warranty (Insurance) companies
Car's manufacturer warranty is about to expire.
Amy P.
You can check out Jerry's article here:

I have a 2016 Ford F150 4X4 Super Crew with 18,000 miles on it. The 3 year factory warranty is up soon. Can I extend that warranty through Ford? Or is an aftermarket company worth looking into?
Amy P.
Hi there!

Check out our article on extended warranties here:

Thanks for the question!

Timothy H.
Concerned about Hydunai re-call on Ioniq (rear seat/heat/electrial) and Sonata Hybrid.
Like the MPG on Ioniq as I drive 70 mile RT x 6 days a week- best source for issues on these recalls.
The Car Pro
Hi Timothy, your best source for recalls is the NHTSA website: Where it says vehicle type in the name and year and the Ioniq and Sonata recall information will pop up.
hazel s.
Hello Jerry, Can you recommend a trusted dealership for me.I live in Boston MA. and is planning to buy a new RAV 4 ,XLE. Really need some guidance.
The Car Pro
Hi Hazel, I'm sorry but we do not have any Car Pro Certified Dealers in the Boston area but wish you the best of luck.
99Mustangsixauto .
Any updates as to the final outcome on the warranty gold extended warranty failure years ago? The backing co apparently took the money and ran, causing their bk -
V. C.
After reading through all of the previous comments, I still have questions about purchasing a $2100 6 year or 100,00 miles Warranty - Century Service Plus for a new Lexus RX350 offered by the dealership...Is this a fair market price? and do I need it for a new car? or should I wait?
Jerry Reynolds
I?m not familiar with that brand warranty, and I don?t know what all it covers, so it?s impossible for me to say. As I said in the article, good dealerships sell good warranties, so if it is a reputable dealership, it?s probably an OK warranty. If it is not associated with a dealership, pass on it.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
i am in the process of purchasing a 3 year, 15K per year lease. Should I buy an extended warranty to cover my miles over the factory 3 year/36K warranty?
Jerry Reynolds
If you are saying you are at the end of your lease and are about to purchase your leased vehicle, then yes, I would buy the warranty. If you are at the beginning of your lease, no I would not until the end of the lease and only then if you are purchasing it. Hope this helps.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Rock G.
I don't know if there is ever a hard fast rule on this... You should always buy one or you should never buy one. My sense, after 55 years on the planet, is it depends on more factors than we can list. Dealer, Make, Model, Financial situation, Manufacturer history, the likelihood the vehicle in questions will have issues (& when!).

Given that most major repairs happen later in the life of the vehicle, a decent argument could be made to put the warranty money in a solid fund and periodically add to it. Something happens, you pull from this 'vehicle rainy day' fund.

The reality is that every purchaser should do the homework, the math, & make a decision in their own best interests factoring in all the known information. I think using Jerry's sage wisdom on this as a GENERAL rule is fine, but please do the due diligence - it minimizes the chances of buyer's remorse.

Joseph W.
Lots of comments on this topic. Obviously an important and hot button issue. One time to definitely not buy an extended warranty: when you are leasing a car for a number of months and miles that will not exceed the manufacturer's warranty. Believe it or not, I had a dealer try to sell me an extended warranty for a car I was not planning to keep beyond the lease, which coincided with the length of the manufacturer's warranty. I leased from someone lese.
Michela P.
I purchased a new Honda CRV on the 29th of October and cancelled the Honda extended warranty on the 4th of October. On the form it stated "refund will take approximately 6 to eight weeks". Every time I called to inquire no one at dealership had information about my refund. But when I called on the 29th of December the finance manager e-mailed me a form saying I had to fill it out quickly before it got too late. A clause at the end of the page said "To avoid possible cancellation penalties, please submit this completed form within 10 days of customer's request form". I understand I am the customer and my questions is who pays the penalty? Also on the "Honda care" form under cancellations it says "A 10% penalty per month shall be added a refund that is not paid or credited before the 46th day after We (?) receive YOUR cancellation request". 1)The dealership took their time to send the forms in a timely manner. 2)Honda Care letter dated January 16th said the refund check would be sent to capital one within 15 days from date of "this letter". Any suggestions on how to deal with all of this?
Jerry Reynolds
I?m afraid I can?t of much help here. Different dealerships AND different warranty companies all have different processes. According to what you wrote, you canceled the policy before you bought the vehicle which is a bit confusing. Nevertheless, I would call the GM at the dealership and make sure he is aware of this. I ALWAYS recommend sending cancellation requests by certified mail. Hopefully, the GM can assist you.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
M. S.
I own a 2007 lexus 400h suv hybrid with 62,000 miles and want to get an extended warranty as the current warranty is for only 7 years. Is it possible to get at least 10 or more years on the extended warranty and could you please suggest any companies who do them?
Thank you
Amy P.
I don?t think any legitimate company will write an additional policy due to the age of the vehicle. Your best shot is to contact your current provider to see what they can offer in the way of extensions, since they know your car. I hope it works out! Jerry
Chris B.
Hi Jerry, what do you think of the Carmax extended warranty's?
Jerry Reynolds
I've never heard anything bad to be honest, I think they are probably OK. - Jerry Reynolds
Barrie S.
Am a big fan of the Car Pro Show. My daughter was looking to puchase a new car so I directed her and her fiance to a Car Pro Dealer for the VIP experience. I tried to print the certificate online, but it wouldn't print. I was directed to call and tell the dealer we were a Car Pro referral. They made the drive to the dealership where they were there over 6 hoiurs. They did end up purchasing a new Toyota Prius. They were satisfied with the price of the car, but were surprised with the experience with F&I, $3500 for an extended warranty, $900 plus for gap insurance, $500 tire roadside hazard protection, $950 for the Cilajet, etc. They felt like it was a bait and switch by the time they were done. Each one of those products and services are priced at top retail. They felt like they were set up. Though they asked for Charles Dean, another individual said Charles was no longer involved in the direct sale of the vehilcles. Is this the typical VIP process? Any suggetions?
Jerry Reynolds
I am sorry to hear of the experience. Charles does help my listeners often but he also offices at the Chevy store so is not always there, When our system got overwhelmed and the certificates would not print, it caused some problems. When a certificate gets sent out, it notifies Charles who then watches over the deal. - Jerry Reynolds
Sandra L.
I bought a 2015 Ford Edge from Gresham Ford, love the vehicle and experience was great! I now have 20.000 miles on it and am considering an extended warranty. Unfortunately, I live quite a few miles from Gresham. Any ideas about purchasing an extended warranty?
Jerry .
This is easy. Click Certified Dealers on this website, and email Bess Wills, the Owner. You can do this all by phone, email, and regular mail and Bess will take good care of you there!

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Bibby .
Recently I got a 2013 CPO Lexus ES350 with 33400 miles on it (current warranty still have 3 years to go with unlimited mileage). I paid $3500 to get 5 years extended warranty unlimited mileage, do you think it's worth it?
Jerry .
Yes I do, I think you overpaid for the warranty, but I am glad you bought one.

Thanks for listening.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Jennifer L.
Hi Jerry, we listen all of the time. My daughter just bought a 2013 VW Touareg Sport, 26,600 Miles, from Larry H. Miller VW in Lakewood, CO. Researching the warranties so many to choose from. I saw bad reviews from the same name dealerships, but other state locations, and I told her to hold off. It is their (TotalCare Auto VSC, by Landcar, showed owned by Larry H Miller)? I spoke with the service department before she bought the vehicle, he said some good company's he sees is, Fidelity, CNA and Landcar? I am researching others, (American Standard Auto, VW Drive Easy..? I think I've had ESP in the past and Assurant? Someone mentioned MaxCare?? Now I'm totally confused!! Please help me make the correct decision!! Thank you in advance!
Jerry .
Sorry, there are SO many of the companies out there, I don?t even try to keep up. I recommended buying from a reputable dealer that she is going to use for service should she need to make a claim.

I wish I knew any of those companies, I am just not familiar with them.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Drew B.
Hello Jerry,

Just curious, you recommended 5-Star for an extended warranty company. When looking into it further I noticed they are also "Endurance Vehicle Protection", is this the same company?

Thanks for your time!
Jerry .
Honestly I have no idea. I wish I could answer you with certainty, but I am not familiar with the Endurance program at all.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
DC .
I know a company called TOCO covers vehicles over 100k miles. Has anyone heard whether or not they are one of the good guys in recent times??
Jerry .
I have not heard either way. Truth is, I?ve never seen a legitimate company that would write a policy on a car over 100,000 miles.

THANKS for listening.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Ken H.
Jerry, I am seeking advice on an extended warranty for my 2011 Mercedes GL 450. It is out of factory warranty and would cost ~ $6000 for 3 yrs / 36K mile bumper to bumper w/ a $500 deductible. The car has ~ 45K mileage and is in great condition except for needing work on suspension.

Coincidentally, we bought the vehicle at Alex Rodriguez MB who is no longer there.

Thanks for your help,
Jerry .
Ken, good to hear from you! I think the warranty is a good idea, but think I can save you some money at MB of Sugar Land. They are wonderful to my listeners and have an exceptional service department. Talk to my friend Mike Baches, he?ll hook you up with one of his Finance people. Click here:

Good to hear from you.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Robyn .
So we are purchasing a 2015 F150 and will purchase the Ford ESP. Does it make sense financially to purchase it when the truck hits 35,000 miles, right before the bumper to bumper warranty expires, or purchase when the truck is new? Thanks for your input.
Jerry .
It is cheaper to buy it now and if you are getting the 0%, that makes even more sense. Hope this helps!
Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Dave a.
We have the following SUV

2009 Mazda Tribute, bought 08-03-09, have 51,302 miles now (average 8,550 miles per year). excellent shape. We are seniors and are looking at American Auto Shield Extended Warranty for 5 more years or when mileage on car reaches 100.000 miles (so about 49,000 of additional miles covered). Cost is $2886.00. It has a $100 deductible per claim and they say they will pay Mazda dealership direct for repairs. Covers, powertrain, engine, transmission, transfer unit 4X4 (which we do not have), drive axle assembly, front and rear suspension, steering, air conditioning unit, electronics, seals, gaskets, brake system, high tech electrical system and more. Is this all right to do in your opinion and is the company good?
Jerry .
I am not familiar with that company, which is not a good. Many of these companies file bankruptcy when people start making claims.

Go to the Mazda dealer you use for service, and look at their warranty choices. It'll make life easier for you.


Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
mike f.
Extended Warranty. I have read your Q&A section on extended warranties. We bought our 2012 Enclave from Classic in Arlington. I got in the mail one labeled Buick Protection Plan Buick Program head quarters. the fine print says it is provided by AMT Warranty company. Classic says it is no good and is NOT a Buick Manufacturing Warranty. Classic gave me a brochure for an extended warranty which is labeled MBPI Preferred. the question I have about the MBPI is that if I always take the car back to Classic in Arlington there is no Co-Pay but if I were on a road trip and needed service I would have to pay $100.00 Co-Pay. My history with extended warranties was with the manufacturer where I could take it to any dealer and the repairs were taken care with no Co-Pay. What do you think and recommend?
Thank you always for being there with our questions.
Jerry .
Classic is a top notch dealership and I would go with their recommendation. Odds are small you'll need the warranty when out of town, so I think their warranty is a really good one. Don't be afraid to ask for a listener discount on it, there may be a little room in the price.

Good to hear from yoU!

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
David .
I have purchased extended warranties for 5 Cars/SUV's over the years. 4 from the manufacturer (Nissan, Honda, Mercedes) and one from an aftermarket insurance company recommended by the credit union that financed one of them.

Key Points:

If your car qualifies to get a Manufacturer?s Extended Warranty (MEW)?that is the way to go. I had to fight too much to get things covered under an aftermarket warranty?they looked to exclude too often.

If you have a MEW, plan on taking your car to the dealer (preferably the same one) for all servicing, oil changes, etc. That way they have a complete record in case the Manufacturer wants to claim for example that the Tranny went out because you did not change the fluid timely?it?s the dealer?s fault for not doing it?you always go there for your service--they missed it. If you jump around for service?you give the warranty company too many ways not to cover a repair.

Having a MEW keeps the dealer honest when recommending repairs. For example?One time the dealer told me that the power steering pump was leaking and it will get worse and should be replaced. I said sorry to hear that, go ahead and replace it?I have a MEW. Service advisor says, Oh?I did not see that on your record--we changed computers recently. I showed him my documents?he entered it in his computer again and said it will be covered. He was getting ready to give me a loaner (covered by the MEW)?comes back and says, the tech took another look and saw that the leak was just some water from when they were cleaning off under the hood. No power-steering pump needed at this time.

When you have a MEW?the dealer must be able to justify the necessity for the repair to the manufacture?so they are less likely to fudge it. They want to keep their dealership.

Regarding pricing. If you like your dealer, they made you an excellent deal on your car, just pay what they are asking for the MEW?let them make some profit. Or like Jerry says?ask them to take 10% off. I have found for some manufactures you can buy one on the Internet at near cost because some dealers do a volume business in MEW?s. For my Honda MEW here is an example of the difference in price: A 7 year, 125K Honda Care Platinum warranty at the dealer that sold me the car in 2009 was 2100.00. On the Internet it was 1200.00. The selling dealer would not negotiate one dollar?it was take it or leave it at 2100. But a Honda dealer 50 miles away that sells on the Internet was OK selling me the same Honda Care for 1200. It?s hard to walk away from that savings.

Get a MEW if you can?Most of mine have paid for themselves and the Mercedes one paid for itself 3x over. Always get a MEW if you are buying a German or European car and plan on keeping it more than 50K miles. You will use it!

Hope that this helps someone.
Jerry .
Thank you for listening to the show. I appreciate your opinion, and you have some valid points. I wouldn't paint the subject with that broad a brush, I have seen cases where the dealer had more influence with a 3rd party company. But your points are valid and appreciated!

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Kevin S.
I agree with the points made above. Excellent short and crisp analysis on extended warranty.

An extended Warranty covers the cost of specified repairs after the car?s manufacturer warranty
expires.Different warranties cover different repairs, but basically an extended warranty kicks in after the manufacturer?s warranty expires.I have purchased extended warranty for my car from Warrantech and he gave excellent plans which are very beneficial for me and saves lot of my money.Now considering the benefits and excellent service, I would recommend Warrentech all my friends.
Ed .
I just purchased a GL450 2015 with only 6000 miles from a third party dealer. The manufacturer's waranty on the MB expires in 2.5 years but I was offered an extended warranty from Warrantech for $3900 for additional 3 years. Anyone has any recommnendations with this company lately. Is it worth the $3900. I have 30 or 60 days to cancel the warranty and I'm currently considering it since there's is a lot of negative reviews about this company.

Are they any recommended warranty companies out there.
Bob .
My wife's 2010 Prius Tech model has 44900 miles and the factory warranty has expired... Have been getting solicitations for non-manufacturer warranties...The vehicle has been bulletproof with no service problems as it's serviced by the original dealer...At this mileage and the fact that it's full of electronics, would you suggest buying an extended warranty from the dealer or open market ???

Enjoy your radio show on KEX in Portland...Thanks, in advance, for your suggestion...

Bob, in Beavercreek
Jerry .
Bob, thanks for listening to the show. I would purchase a warranty, and I'd buy it at the dealership you would use for service, it will make it much easier on you. One repair and it'll probably pay for itself. As good as Prius is, I'd still purchase one for the peace of mind.

THANKS for listening to the show.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
JCM64 .
Jerry, I am in the market for ESP for my Ford that currently has 32K miles on it. I spoke with Bob Little at 5 Star (where I bought the car) the other day and he told me his pricing is the same as what I can purchase for online direct from Ford (therefore no incentive to buy from 5 Star.) I was hoping for a discount of sort. Any suggestions? thanks, James
Jerry .
The online Ford price IS actually quite discounted. Whichever is easier for you is what I would suggest.

THANKS for listening to the show.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Mike .
A good warranty can, indeed, save a person from financial ruin. The problem is that good warranties are like good cars: there are only a few of them. Many warranties exempt more than they cover, and come with deductibles that, when you add it up, don't really pay for much at all. Their primary purpose is to be bundled with the agreed price of the car so that sales can earn a higher commission.
alan s.
hi I am presently coming to the end of my 4 year lease on my rx350 with 33,000 miles and am thinking of purchasing it, would like to know of any good warranty companies or if lexus offers a warranty once i buy it
Jerry .
I'm sure the dealer you use to buy out your lease can help you with a warranty. That is where I would suggest you get it.

THANKS for listening to the show.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Tom .
We always buy the factory Ford warranty and have had good response from dealers wherever we travel in honoring it. We recently purchased a Lincoln MR X here in Plano, but the Lincoln extended warranty price we were quoted from the dealer was over $1000 more than what they are being sold for online. Are the dealers that sell Ford or Lincoln ESP agreements online worth looking into?. I would rather deal with a local dealer, but it seems like it would be a waste of money if the products are the same.

The other question I have is whether you have stated an opinion on the dent insurance and the interior rip and tear and stain insurance the dealers also offer. It seems there are a lot of exclusions to that coverage and we have never purchased it before, but were considering it for the MR X.

Thanks for your show, we were doing business with Sam Pack, and had great buying experiences, but looked into the Lincoln MR X instead of the Ford Edge this time based on your remarks a few weeks ago on the show. If Sam Pack was selling Lincolns here we would have gone right back to them. I know you recommend Don Davis, but that was too far for us to travel..
Jerry .
Good to hear from you Tom. I am happy to help. Speak to Robert Little at 5 Star, 817 498-8838, he takes awesome care of my listeners, and he can do it all with you by mail. He'll save you money for sure.

Honestly, not sure on the other policies. There are a lot of different companies who write these, some are good, some are really bad. I wish I could be of more help on that.

Hope you guys have a GREAt Christmas.

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Dale .
Hi Jerry. I purchased a used 2011 Ford Escape Limited with roughly 33,000 miles on it from a Mercedes dealership. It has almost 35,000 miles on it now, and I am thinking about buying an extended warranty before the factory warranty expires at 36,000 miles. Do you recommend going to the Ford dealership? Is there any negotiating on price?
Jerry .
Yes, I would get it at a Ford dealership, but you only have until 36000 miles to purchase a warranty like it was a new car.

And yes, you can generally get a discount of 10% or more by shopping around. Good luck and thanks for listening to the show!

Jerry Reynolds, President
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Greg .
There are a few warranty companies with great programs for higher mileage vehicles. One that I have been impressed with is a nation wide company out of Utah (Alpha Warranty) They are underwritten by Assurant Solutions (that's a good thing) since Assurant is a multi billion dollar assets. Keep in mind that Alpha only sells their warranties through dealerships.
Jerry .
Thanks for sharing the information! If anyone else has experience with this company, let us know!

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Gene D.
Jerry I have to disagree a little on the high mileage warranty issue you brought up.
After being in BHPH for 16 years and offering a service contract on 120,000 plus mileage
Vehicles I found an ESP company that really took care of our customers and vehicles.
AUL Service Contracts in Napa California took care of 1000's of my rigs for 10 years.
Great program Jerry.
Jerry .
Thanks Gene, I'll look into them. I appreciate the info and I appreciate you listening to the show.

Jerry Reynolds ?The Car Pro?
President, Car Pro Radio Networks
Steve .
Gentlemen(?) Why was my comment on FB deleted?
Jerry .
Steve - It is not deleted, in fact, Kevin McCarthy replied to your comment on the Car Pro FB page.