Slowest Selling New & Used Cars In America

Ford Fusion

Last week we looked at the fastest selling new and used cars in America as reported by our friends at

This week they provided me with the opposite side of the story, the slowest 20 sellers in America from February, in both new and used vehicles.

On the new vehicle list, you’ll see a number of discontinued vehicles, which explains why they are there….the dealers are down to the “leftovers” on the lot, and vehicles are harder to sell once the public knows they are going away. There are a number of alternative fuel vehicles there, also. Seeing the Honda Accord on the list was a surprise.

On the used list, the shocker was every vehicle listed is an SUV. Given the market and thirst for SUVs, you would think at least one sedan would have made the list. You have to factor in that there are a lot of SUVs on the market, so there could be a glut, at least for now.

Top 20 Slowest-Selling New Vehicles in February 2021 - iSeeCars Study
RankVehicleAverage Days to SellAverage Price
1.Ford Fusion Hybrid166.1$25,850
2.Ford Fusion159.8$22,512
3.Honda Fit133.6$18,662
4.Dodge Grand Caravan119.5$27,418
5.Chevrolet Trax91.9$21,624
6.Honda Insight87.1$26,819
7.Kia Rio82.1$16,449
8.Kia Niro80.4$26,074
9.Honda Odyssey80.3$39,882
10.Ford Ecosport79.8$22,542
11.Dodge Journey78.9$23,041
12.Toyota Corolla Hybrid78.8$24,122
13.Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid77.3$25,183
14.Buick Encore76.1$24,039
15.Nissan LEAF75.7$37,174
16.Volkswagen Jetta75.3$21,928
17.Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid75.3$29,220
18.Honda Accord74.8$28,953
19.Toyota Avalon74.0$40,803
20.Mitsubishi Outlander72.4$25,609
Average for All New Vehicles48.9$36,836
Top 20 Slowest-Selling Used Vehicles in in February 2021 - iSeeCars Study
RankVehicleAverage Days to SellAverage Price
1.Buick Encore GX88.5$23,678
2.Cadillac XT675.2$49,918
3.Buick Envision64.8$23,152
4.Chevrolet Blazer64.6$33,004
5.Lincoln Nautilus64.3$41,507
6.Chevrolet Trax58.4$15,254
7.Cadillac XT457.7$33,981
8.Volvo XC4053.0$35,503
9.Ford Escape52.8$17,459
10.Ford Expedition51.7$41,237
11.BMW X251.3$32,479
12.Ford Edge50.5$23,384
13.Ford Ecosport49.9$17,071
14.Alfa Romeo Stelvio49.6$29,666
15.Ford Explorer49.2$28,017
16.Buick Enclave49.1$27,694
17.Mazda CX-3048.8$23,265
18.Volvo XC6048.7$32,129
19.Maserati Levante48.7$56,281
20.Mazda CX-348.3$17,069
Average for All Used Vehicles42.0$26,211
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