State Farm 2020 Hail Damage Study - Texas Leads The Way

Hail Damaged Windshield
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Here’s something you probably won’t be surprised to learn. Texas leads the way in hail damage claims for 2020 in State Farm’s new hail damage study. It’s followed by Illinois and Minnesota.

Overall, hail damage claims were down in 2020 from 2019. But the amount paid on claims increased. State Farm says it paid more than 332,000 hail claims resulting from severe weather in 2020. While fewer claims than 2019, State Farm says the amount paid on damage increased totaling more than $3.1 billion.

Hail can dent vehicles and crack windshields, plus damage roofs, gutters, and windows. The numbers below involve both types of claims.

Total Hail Claims Paid (Home & Auto)


The average homeowner claim totaled nearly $12,000 and vehicle claims averaged more than $4,300, according to State Farm 2020 hail claims data.

Other states data that the CarProUSA Radio Show airs in:

2020 Hail Damage

Preparing for 2021

State Farm has some tips on how to protect your property and family when severe weather brings hail to your area.

  • Review insurance coverage: Ask your agent what-if questions in an insurance review.
  • Know the claims process: Should your property be damaged, become familiar with the claims process now
  • Be weather aware: Stay connected to forecasts when severe weather threatens.
  • Update home inventory: Take pictures and video of your property for a detailed digital record
  • Preparation: If there’s time and it’s safe, put vehicles in the garage and move patio furniture to cover. Close your blinds and curtains to prevent broken glass from blowing inside possibly causing injuries or damage.

Filing a Claim

If you do end up dealing with hail damage to your home or vehicle, there are several things State Farm suggests you do:

  • Document your damage with pictures.
  • If you need to, make temporary repairs to prevent more damage.
  • Take pictures and save the receipts related to the temporary repairs.

If you’re a State Farm policyholder, you’ll tell them what happened, and they’ll review your policy and determine what’s covered and what’s next in terms of arranging payment less your deductible for covered losses.

Also, if you do have to make repairs, State Farm suggests that you consider improved building materials, including an impact resistant roof, which could qualify for insurance premium discounts.

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