Take Advantage of End Of The Month And Quarter Deals From Your Living Room

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What can you say? You may be on lockdown; your dealership may be on lockdown. However, you donít want to miss out on the incredible deals being offered right now? No problem. Our dealers have totally transitioned to online sales and home or office delivery.


If history repeats, the incentives will take a hard drop next Wednesday. They always peak at the end of a quarter and drop immediately. Most of the Japanese-based automakers close their fiscal year Tuesday, so they are more aggressive right now. The Detroit 3 are pulling out all the stops for March with 0% of 84 months, Employee Pricing, no payments for six months, and the list goes on and on. If Iíve ever seen a buyerís market, it is now.


Big incentives come when there is too much inventory on dealersí lots. There are only two solutions: buy your way out of it with rebates, or cut production at the assembly plants. To my knowledge, there is not a single automaker anywhere that hasnít announced plant closures. We are in unchartered waters with COVID-19. Best guess, the second quarter incentives will be scant.

To bottom line this: the safe bet for incentives and lease specials is to do something before Wednesday night if you are going to buy any time soon or have a lease ending in the next thirty days.
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