Test Drive: 2013 Ford Fusion Car Pro Review

Jerry Reynolds | May 23, 2013
Test Drive: 2013 Ford Fusion Car Pro Review

I wish Ford had chosen to not name the Ford Fusion the Ford Fusion. There just isn’t any similarity between the all-new 2013 and previous editions. In years past, Fusion has always been a good car, but not an overly exciting car. That has all changed.


Visibly, this is one of the most beautiful cars to come out in years, from any manufacturer. My tester is the Titanium version and it is very well-equipped. The 2013 Ford Fusion is larger than the last version and has a bold grill that looks much like that of an Aston Martin. Ford did an exceptional job making the interior much roomier.


Under the hood, this one has a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost that produces 240-horses, and it has a 6-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration when you really step on the car is quite good and feels like it has more horses than it does. The 2.0-liter is impressive feeling and it sounds good too.

My review car has the Ford Intelligent all-wheel drive system which uses sensors to constantly monitor traction and then balances torque between the front and rear wheels. At one time, these systems were designed just for people in areas that get a lot of bad weather, but today it just as much about the performance and handling. The all-wheel system gives the Fusion great handling characteristics.

As you enter the car, the interior doesn’t blow you away but is subtly luxurious and super clean looking. The center stack is well organized and everything is easy to get to and operate. The seats are comfortable and I can’t imagine anyone not being able to get the driver’s seat comfortable.

The Titanium version comes completely loaded with heated leather seats, ambient lighting, push button start, remote start, Sony audio, rear-view camera, halogen headlights, hill start assist, and aluminum wheels.

My review car has almost $3000 worth of options, which includes the white pearl paint called White Platinum Tri-coat, the navigation system, 19” aluminum wheels, and the Driver Assist Package, which gives you lane departure warning and cross-traffic warning system. The Ford Sync with MyFord Touch system worked great. It has a learning curve, but once mastered, it is awesome.

On the safety front, the 2013 Ford Fusion comes standard with antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, front seat side airbags, front knee airbags and side curtain airbags. The Ford Sync system includes an emergency crash notification feature that automatically dials 911 when paired with a compatible cell phone. Also standard is Ford's MyKey, which can be used to set certain parameters for teen drivers.

Fusion drives great, is extremely quiet inside, has good headroom even in the back seat, and it has a large trunk. A more rigid chassis for 2013 makes handling great, and the Ford all-wheel drive system works great. Ford achieved a fantastic mixture of luxury, practicality, and sportiness all wrapped up in a hot looking car with great lines.

This car stacks up nicely to foreign and domestic cars that cost $15,000 more. Standing ovation to Ford designers for making such a great car!

What I liked most: The looks and driving dynamics, and great fuel economy.

What I would change: I got nothing.

MSRP: Base price $21,900, $35,980 as equipped.

Fuel Economy: 22 City/31 Highway, I am exceeding that slightly without trying.

Warranty: 36 month/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, 5 years or 60,000 powertrain and roadside assistance.

2013 Ford Fusion Titanium in a few words: Outstanding car and value.

Dealers: We have dealers in the following markets if you would like to purchase a 2013 Fusion: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Click the link to find a Car Pro dealer in one of these cities: https://www.carprousa.com/car-pro-approved-dealers/

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Jerry .
Delores, that is probably a good idea actually. Sounds like they may need to send a field engineer out to look at is.

800 392-3673 is the number, I think it’s smart to get your issues on record with Ford.

Good luck!

Jerry Reynolds, President
Car Pro Radio Network
Dolores M.
I have a 2013 ford fusion and it's at the dealership too much. It has a recall on it and said it's the transmission, it hesitates and hard to start and starts jerking. They ordered new parts and gave me a 10 year warranty on it. This was in November of 2015 for the SECOND time. Ordered the parts and it just came in last week, March 22,2015. They fixed it ran a diagnostic on it said it was good to go. I had to bring it back this yesterday 3/31/15 because it stalls and when I turn it off it won't start. I try it about 7-8 times and then it starts. It's back in the ford shop. Should I contact the Ford Co. because this dealership can't get it right. It only has 45,000 miles
John M.
Hi Jerry. I still like my Fusion. Other problem I seem to have is safety belt, as I cannot seem to get it into a really comfortable position. Seems like it is always around my "neck" I have tried adjusting belt & seat, but still not able to get to where it does not rub against my neck. Just not comfortable. Any Suggestions?? Even all this time, still finding things to improve use of Sync etc. Lots of Bell & Whistles!!!! Read your article on Back Up camera, which is real nice, BUT I do not depend on it 100%, still look around. Also have Adaptive Cruise Control, which works, but again, I do not depend on it 100%. I am still "Old School" when it comes to electronics. I guess it is just my age, Oh Well!! Thanks for all your info. Your review of the 2013 Fusion "T" was great. I have had a like of positive comments on "the looks" of this car. Some people thought I was driving an Audi or some other very high dollar car.
Jerry .
Thanks for listening to the show. If you missed it in our free weekly newsletter last week, I just had the same car:


I actually exceeded the fuel economy, but the car I reviewed had over 5000 miles on it, so it was well broken in. I'd check your mileage long hand, the computers on-board are not 100% accurate.

As to the tank, all automakers hold back about 2 gallons when you get to empty, that's just a safety feature they don't talk about. It is for your own protection.

ENJOY your Fusion and thanks for listening to the show, you made a great choice.

Jerry Reynolds “The Car Pro”
President, Car Pro Radio Networks
John M.
I purchased the Titanium 2,0 Turbo. I do like the power, looks great. I purchased w/ all the "Bells & Whistles" that I could get. Really like the adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning etc. For me, items mentioned are safety items, & vehicle has much more as far as safety is concerned. Took some time to use sync. Nav. works very well. Vehicle has a lot of electronics, & seems I am always learning something else vehicle offers. Negative items: Clock display is really hard to read, very small & almost hidden. Highest reading I noted per econ display is 28 on hiway. Not hardly what Ford says it should be. Fuel tank is supposed to hold 16 gals. I have let fuel go down below 1/4 & can only put in about 10-11 gals. Never close to the 16 gal. amt. Overall, I do like the car. Please comment on fuel tank capacity, and/or any other comments that would let me further enjoy my Fusion. Would like to read other Fusion owners comments in the future.