Thank You Listeners As The Car Pro Show Turns 19!

Celebrating 19 years on the air!
This week we celebrate 19 continuous years on the airwaves and begin our 20th broadcast year. Itís certainly been an unexpected year for the country and our world in wake of a pandemic that began in the spring and continues today. We want to take this moment to especially thank you for allowing us to be part of your weekends, inviting us into your homes, vehicles, or wherever you listen to the show, as weíve navigated and continue to navigate these uncharted roads alongside all of you this year.

We started in September 2001, two weeks after the tragedy of 9/11. We started on one of the worst radio stations in DFW; all the ads were offshore gambling sites and gentlemenís clubs, but people called starting day one. After six months, we moved to the legendary WBAP from 4-6 Saturday afternoons, and then a year later, we took over the premiere time slot, 9-11 AM and weíve been there ever since.

In 2006, I sold all my dealerships and was going to just do the Saturday WBAP show, but a Houston radio station showed interest in the show, so we started doing an additional two hours there. The growth continued to San Antonio, and Austin, then we hit the West coast in Sacramento. Los Angeles came on next and then we added Cleveland, Lubbock, Detroit, and the list continued to grow.

Our staff has grown through the years as we constantly work on our website. My car reviews and videos are much different today than they were in 2009 when I started. Our first newsletter went out in 2008 and was a page and a half long, done in a Word document with no pictures or graphics, nothing like what you see today with tens of thousands of subscribers.

We dove deep into social media some years ago with the show Facebook page that has over 19,000 followers. We tweet and we post on Instagram. All this is time consuming, but keeps us closer to you, our family.

There are so many to thank, I am sure to forget someone, but here we go:

First, my wife Kelly for understanding I will be gone 50 to 51 Saturdays a year, making vacations difficult. Also, for understanding I work on the newsletter for hours at least 3 nights a week, every Sunday, and often deep into the night.

My trusty sidekick, Kevin McCarthy has been with me from day one, and Iíd have never tried this little dream without him. Tom Haynes and his group from Acuity Strategy working behind the scenes on the business side of the radio show. Our Executive Producer Amy Plemons who works tirelessly on content online, helping with the newsletter, and reviewing cars, and Terry Box who gives a different perspective on cars with a touch of humor.

I thank our WBAP Producer, Lee Riza who is also the General Manager at the radio station I own, KPIR. Our national show Producer Duane Sedge, and Tom Wilson who proofreads the newsletter.

I thank our station affiliates all over the country and the employees who keep the show on the air. Sincere thanks to our dealer affiliates across America for standing behind what I say on the air and taking great care of our listeners.

Lastly, I thank you-our listeners and newsletter subscribers. You are the reason we do what we do every week. I set out nineteen years ago to change the perception that all car dealers are crooks, and to take the mystery out of the car business. Without you, there is no Car Pro Show, and I thank you for your trust, for patronizing our sponsors, and for being part of the family as we enter our 20th year of broadcasting.


Jerry Reynolds
The Car Pro
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