The Future? Leasing Company To Accept Cryptocurrency

Man riding a stack of cash with wheels and another man holding a bitcoin.
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Is digital currency the future car buying and leasing? New York City Brooklyn-based eAutoLease thinks so, and is ready to give it a try. The company says it will soon accept cryptocurrency as payment for leasing and online auto sales.

If you havenít heard the term before, cryptocurrency is digital currency. eAutoLease says cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming accepted into the mainstream as a viable form of payment, Bitcoin being the most well-known form. In a press release, the company cites that luxury car dealerships across the country have started accepting various forms of cryptocurrency over the past few years with increasing success.

"Since we are totally focused on customer service, we want to ensure that all our clients, including those holding cryptocurrency, can safely and successfully lease or buy one of our vehicles in the manner they choose," says CEO Zoriy Birenboym. "The time has come for us to join the forward-thinking commercial world to make these transactions possible. Internet commerce is our specialty ó so we're researching how best to enable crypto payments."

eAutoLease, which serves customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, says when itís fully prepared to accept the digital currency, customers can expect the process to be smooth, secure and easy to process. eAutoLease says it fully vets all vendors and payment processors before entering into any agreements.

There have been some stories of dealerships, mainly in the Los Angeles area, that experimented with taking cryptocurrency as payment, but as I understand it, the dealerships did not continue the practice for long.

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