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In 18-years on the radio, I can count the number of products I have endorsed on one hand. I have had many opportunities, but after much due diligence, I usually end up saying no.

I wonít recommend a product or service unless I have tried it myself and feel good about recommending it. It is the same with the car dealers on the radio show and website.

Here are companies I wholeheartedly endorse and personally use:

GATE KING: The Tailgate Adjuster

Credit: Gate King
This is one of those new ideas that you wonder what took so long. These days, although pickups are getting bigger and bigger, the pickup beds are getting shorter and shorter. A five-and-a-half-foot bed is the most common length on crew cabs these days. You can gain some length by dropping the tailgate, but how do you keep your cargo from sliding out? Enter Gate King!

Designed to replace your truck's stock tailgate cables, Gate King allows you to adjust your tailgate height in 8 different positions using their patented Tailgate Adjuster technology. Designed in California, and made right here in the USA, Gate King provides strength and durability in a variety of positions to suit your cargo needs.

Watch this short video that illustrates how simple and useful the Gate King is:

I put one of these on my own GMC Sierra Denali and it works great and installation is a snap. It even works with the newest tailgates, like the GMC with the built-in step.

No drilling is required, everything you need comes with the kit and there is no drilling required. Plus, shipping is free!

Go to the website: www.thegateking.com, You can order online for $228. Car Pro Listeners receive a 10% discount with the code "CARPRO10".


Credit: AutoHeatShield
For years, I did not use a sunshade even though I have lived in Texas my whole life. They were a pain, fell down all the time, and only covered part of the windshield. They all let the sun in and to be honest, they look like crap.

Then I discovered the AutoHeatShield. It is laser cut for the exact windshield of the vehicle you own. Itís easy to put up also, stick it in the windshield and pull your sun visors down and you are done. You might see just a crack of light where it goes around the rear view mirror, but even that is doubtful. Roll-up is easy, too. There is a Velcro strap to roll it up tight until you use it again, or they now offer a nice carrying case for them.

Check out their U.S. Flag version, my personal favorite. When you order one of these, $2 goes to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Car Pro Listeners receive a 10% discount with the code "carpro".

AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

AutoCheckIíve shared the story on the CarProUSA Radio Show a number of times, but about a decade ago I was looking for a one-year old Range Rover in white with a tan interior and the V8 supercharged engine. This vehicle was difficult to find.

I had set an alert with AutoTrader.com to tell me if one showed up anywhere that fit the criteria. One day, I got a hit from a highline used car dealer in Chicago. I looked the vehicle over, it had everything I wanted and only had 5,000 miles. The dealer had a link for a free CarFax report, which was 100% perfect, no prior wrecks or other issues. We made a deal over the phone, the dealer arranged shipping, and told me as soon as my bank wired the money, it would be on the way. All this happened in under an hour.

I called my bank and gave them wire instructions to send the full amount. As soon as I hung the phone up, I had a gnawing feeling in my stomach. I had often told listeners I had no faith in CarFax, but had a lot of our dealers who used AutoCheck and swore by it. I decided to spend the money on an AutoCheck.


Imagine my shock and horror when the AutoCheck showed a right-side impact with airbag deployment resulting in frame damage. I immediately called my bank and frantically asked if theyíd completed the wire transfer. Her words were ďjust about to hit the button.Ē I yelled STOP and just in the nick of time, AutoCheck saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

Over the years, Iíve had countless listeners thank me for recommending AutoCheck. Itís simply a better choice before you spend your hard-earned money for a used car.


The website: www.AutoCheck.com. You can get one report for $24.95 or if you are looking at numerous cars, get 21 days of unlimited reports for just $49.99. It is the best money you can spend.


Credit: NuVinAir
A dear friend of mine named Alan Brown worked for me for many years. He started washing cars for me when he was about 16-years old. He was the hardest working guy on the wash rack and, to be honest, I saw a bit of myself in him. When he was 18, I promoted him to the finance department and brought him up through the different departments.

After I sold my dealerships, he moved on to enjoy a long and successful career in the car business, becoming the partner in a DFW dealership, and served two years as the Chairman of the VW National Dealer Council during the VW emissions crisis.

When Alan got out of the car business to be a Partner and Global Vice-President of NuVinAir, it got my attention. I was even more intrigued when he said this company had developed a process to rid cars of interior smells. What?

I have pretty bad allergies, so this was of interest. Also, as a former car dealer, trying to sell a used car that had been smoked in was a real deal killer. The only thing worse was the products that tried to cover up the smells, those made me sick to my stomach.

How they came up with this is proprietary, all I can tell you is it flat works. Before I brought them on the show, I had several listeners with severe interior smells try it and they were amazed.

They work through dealerships and authorized distributors. The products are safe, eco-friendly, and effective. Itís great if you have any kind of odor, have spilled food in your car, or if you have a pet.

Take a look at this video I did for NuVinAir.

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Hi Jerry, just love your show I purchased a Honda Accord in 2018 and love my car, however I now wished I had opted for Car Play which I didn't think I needed at that time. My question is can the system be installed and if so would I have mechanical or electrical problems thereafter? Looking forward to your response.
Happy Fathers Day

The Car Pro
Thanks for listening Jean. You would have to go with an aftermarket system which means trading the entire system out. Last I checked, it was about a $1500 exchange. I wish I had better news for you!

Jerry Reynolds,
What are the safest steps to purchasing a pre-owned car or SUV?
Do you think we need a hands-on check-up of a prospective pre-owned prospective car purchase by a mechanic? Do you recommend one after we use Auto Check?
If so, could you recommend a mechanic in the northeast DFW area to check out a prospective purchase?
The Car Pro
If youíll use one of my dealers at the website, none of this is necessary. Good dealers ALWAYS check out the used cars they sell, theyíll even show you what they did to the car. Click CERTIFIED DEALERS at CarProUSA.com.


Jerry Reynolds
This is an FYI. AutoHeatShield no longer sells the same sunshade they did a couple years ago. I purchased one from them in early 2018 for my pickup and was really impressed. I recently bought a new pickup and naturally thought I would get another one for my new pickup. Much to my surprise, it wasn't anything like the previous one I bought, It is now much more flimsy and thinner than the previous one. I contacted AutoHeatShield to make sure I hadn't ordered the wrong one, but was told they no longer sell the one I had previously bought. I ended up sending it back and will look for something a bit more robust.
The Car Pro
Sorry to hear you did not like the product. I got a new one myself recently and although thinner, I found it to be as effective.

Thanks for the feedback!

Jerry Reynolds

I ordered a AutoHeatShield for my son's '96 Bronco and it fit perfectly in June '19. As this was my first purchase from them, I don't have anything to compare it to, but the fit and quality are superb.
The Car Pro
Thanks Craig, glad you are enjoying it. I have one for every car I own.

Jerry Reynolds,
I'm trying to get NUVinAir. You endorse it - I'd like to try it. I sent the dealer a note and no response.
How can you let us know how to buy it????
Thanks for your help
The Car Pro
Jake, shoot me your email address and your location. I'll get the info to the right hands.

Thanks for listening!

Jerry Reynolds
Randee Herbst
Have same problem.