The Vehicles People Dump After Just A Year

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, & Land Rover
Credit: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover

Research firm iSeeCars also took a look at the new vehicles that people got rid of within the first year of ownership, with more than 1000 miles. According to them, after looking at 46 million transactions, only 3.4% met the criteria.

So, here are the top 10 vehicles sold or traded within the first year and the percentage of owners who dumped them:

Top 10 Vehicles Sold/Traded WIthin First Year

1. Mercedes-Benz C-Class 12.4%
2. BMW 3 Series 11.8%
3. Land Rover Discovery Sport 11.8%
4. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 10.9%
5. MINI Clubman 10.7%
6. BMW X1 10.4%
7. BMW X3 9.0%
8. Nissan Versa Note 9.0%
9. Jaguar XF 8.8%
10. Nissan Versa 8.7%
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Rick Schneider
Hi Jerry. Obviously love your show.
I'm thinking about replacing my 2004 Infiniti G-35
I bought it [$5000] 5 years ago with 150,000 miles & it currently has 245,000. It has been good only needing an oil leak on top of the engine fixed [$1000] & a couple minor things I could fix after checking YouTube---haha
There's nothing amis right now & I do drive a car close to the bitter end. I can't afford a lot so I'm thinking something 5+ years old?
Recommendations on where to look & what to look for? I have a fondness for Ford domestically since they were the only manufacturer that didn't take a bailout!!! but have had good luck with my Infiniti [foreign manufacturer].
Maybe I should literally drive it till the wheels fall off....
I relate to what a listener [& you] said about needing something I don't have to slide into. I'm 76 & in really good shape but it just isn't something I want to look forward to doing the next 5 years or so...
Single except for a couple grandkids [10 & 16], I like trunks for privacy of personal items, tools, but open to ideas. No lease.
Thanks so much.
The Car Pro
Rick, thanks for listening. I would think about trading before something big happens and while it has some value. Take a look at a clean, low mileage Ford Fusion. They are just great cars and they are also terrific values. Not sure where you are located, but check my Ford dealers at the website.

Let me know how I can help!

Jerry Reynolds