Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs in August 2020

2020 Toyota RAV4 Limited
2020 Toyota RAV4 Limited HV. Credit: Toyota

As you know by now, not too many automakers report sales on a monthly basis, most only pull back the curtain after each quarter of the year. That means weíll have all the 3rd quarter numbers for all car companies late in the day on October 1st.

In honor of those car companies that are not afraid to let us know where they stand, here are your top-selling SUVs, regardless of size segment, for August among those who report:

1. Toyota RAV4 39,239
2. Honda CR-V 34,391
3. Toyota Highlander 21,795
4. Subaru Forester 17,261
5. Subaru Outback 14,856
6. Mazda CX-5 13,745
7. Honda Pilot 12,508
8. Hyundai Tucson 11,632
9. Lexus RX 10,972
10. Subaru CrossTrek 10,329
11. Toyota 4Runner 9,860
12. Hyundai Santa Fe 9,129
13. Honda HR-V 8,942
14. Hyundai Kona 7,998
15. Hyundai Palisade 7,983
16. Kia Sorento 7,808
17. Kia Sportage 7,588
18. Kia Telluride 6,619
19. Subaru Ascent 5,314
20. Kia Seltos 5,165
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