Top 20 Best-Selling Small SUVs Year-to-Date

Toyota Rav4
Toyota sold 114,255 RAV4ís in the first quarter of 2021, 29,471 of those hybrids.
Credit: Toyota.

Today we look at the ultra-hot small SUV segment, one that continues to grow and continues to have new entries. Rest assured, there are many more in the pipeline coming.

Iíve often said on the radio show that for me, this was the hardest category to help people make a decision because most are really good.

RAV4 continues to dominate, as it has for several years. It is sort of interesting to look at the separation of sales volume among the top five leaders.

Here are your top 20 small SUV leaders so far this year:

1.Toyota RAV4114,255
2.Honda CR-V93,766
3.Nissan Rogue86,719
4.Chevy Equinox63,218
5.Subaru Forester47,694
6.Ford Escape40,990
7.Jeep Cherokee37,922
8.Mazda CX-536,242
9.Subaru CrossTrek35,187
10.Hyundai Tucson33,147
11.Honda HR-V26,175
12.Nissan Kicks24,422
13.Hyundai Kona22,340
14.Jeep Compass19,959
15.Buick Encore18,345
16.Chevy Trax16,956
17.GMC Terrain16,916
18.Kia Seltos16,786
19.Kia Sportage16,504
20.Jeep Renegade15,997
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