Top 25 Best-Selling SUVs (All Segments) In January 2021

2020 Toyota Rav4
2020 Toyota RAV4 XSE Hybrid.

The SUV craze continues, and if you look at January 2021 versus January 2020, sales were up almost 20,000 vehicles just from the car companies that report. I suspect if we had GM and Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler) numbers, it would be a much larger increase.

Remember, in January 2020 Covid-19 was unknown. Also, in January 2021 the auto industry was dealing with vehicle shortages, primarily due to the microchip shortage we covered here last week.

Toyota RAV4 continues its dominance of SUV sales, with CR-V in second place, and surprisingly the Ford Explorer came in third. Note that the Ford Bronco Sport appears for the first time on the list, and in the top 15.

Here are your top 25 SUV sales leaders in January 2021, and how they fared versus January of 2020:

1.Toyota RAV431,364Down 5%
2.Honda CR-V25,806Down 1%
3.Ford Explorer18,095Down 1%
4.Toyota Highlander16,774Down 1%
5.Mazda CX-513,583Up 5%
6.Subaru Forester13,207Flat
7.Toyota 4Runner12,430Up 33%
8.Subaru Outback11,784Up 4%
9.Ford Escape11,190Down 28%
10.Subaru CrossTrek10,431Up 28%
11.Hyundai Santa Fe8,714Up 22%
12.Honda Pilot8,602Up 11%
13.Ford Bronco Sport8,050New
14.Hyundai Tucson7,980Down 1%
15.Lexus RX7,086Down 4%
16.Ford Edge6,837Down 29%
17.Kia Telluride6,626Up 35%
18.Honda HR-V6,369Down 15%
19.Hyundai Palisade5,669Up 5%
20.Kia Sorento5,302Down 3%
21.Hyundai Kona5,233Up 24%
22.Ford Expedition5,109Down 20%
23.Kia Seltos4,992New
24.Subaru Ascent4,743Down 15%
25.Ford EcoSport4,382Up 4%
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