Top Gas Station Brands: Buc-ee’s Is The Winner

Buc-ees Gas station
Photo Credit: Buc-ees
Buc’ees is the top rated gas station brand according to GasBuddy’s 2019 Top Gas Station Brands in the U.S. report. It’s based on more than 94 million consumer visits and 8.3 million ratings submitted through the GasBuddy app.

The report also features exclusive interviews with executives at brands that are redefining the meaning of "gas station food." GasyBuddy says no longer a last-resort for roller dogs and snacks, today's top gas stations are more likely to offer gourmet coffee or fresh salads. The $654 billion fuel and convenience retailing industry has transformed into a 'one stop shop' for fuel, snacks, and yes—even meals.

“Americans are passionate about their favorite gas stations,” says Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy. “Across the United States, it’s common to have debates about which brands have the best coffee or cleanest restrooms. At GasBuddy, we decided to see who generated the best results throughout 2019. It’s telling that all of the brands which made our list have invested heavily in fresh food, friendly customer service, and state-of-the-art facilities.”

Buc-ee’s is America’s Top-Rated Gas Station Brand

Texas-based Buc-ee’s claimed the title of America’s Top-Rated Gas Station Brand, based on performance in the “overall” ratings category. In second place is Tennessee-based Twice Daily, followed in third by Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip. Rounding out the top five are Oklahoma-based QuikTrip and Iowa-based Hy-Vee.

Costco is the Busiest

Washington-based Costco captured the most foot traffic per station of any brand in 2019—more than four times the industry average with a score of 4.24. It was a close call, however, as Kentucky-based Thorntons followed with a score of 3.87 and Buc-ee’s with a score of 3.77.

Beyond Fuel

During 2019, more than half of visits (55%) at gas stations and convenience stores lasted longer than five minutes—far more than the average two-to-three minutes it takes to refuel a vehicle. This reflects a continued trend of convenience stores transforming into foodservice destinations for time-starved, on-the-go Americans.

Friday is the Busiest Day

While convenience stores serve customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days each week, foot traffic increases at the end of the week. Friday was the busiest day of 2019 with 16.36% of all visits. Friday at 5:00pm was the single busiest hour of the year, followed by Friday at both 4:00pm and 12:00pm.

Clean Stores Drive More Visits

Today’s retailers have invested heavily in quality customer experiences—and it’s paying off. Retailers with above-average cleanliness ratings generated 14.14% more visits than competitors with below-average ratings.

The full report can be found here.
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Terry Fowler
I love Buc-ees, but I don't buy gas there because they do not add cleaning additives and therefore not rated a top tier gasoline. Great value if you lease or rent, but not if you plan to keep your vehicle for years.
The Car Pro
Good info Terry, thank you.

Jerry Reynolds
Buc-ees is a big gas station, retail store which i grant you is a pure retail marketing hit.The only problem is that for drivers that pull up to the pumps with a Texas bug spattered windshield and want gas and to clean their windshields there are NO BUCKETS OF WATER AND WINDSHIELD CLEANING EQUIPMENT!!! at the gas pump islands. NO NO TO CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELDS YOU HAVE TO DRIVE OVER TO SOME CORNER OF THE 5 ACRE FACILITY TO A WINDSHIELD CLEANING AREA. YOU SEE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SPEND TO MUCH TIME AT THE GAS PUMP ISLAND BECAUSE THEY WANT THAT NEXT CUSTOMER AND THEIR GAS FILL UP.