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Travis in Houston Skyline Evaluation

Travis in Houston Skyline Evaluation

Travis from Houston Talks about Nissan Skyline GTR

JERRY: and right now we are going to Houston to talk to Travis Travis welcome what can I do for you? 

TRAVIS: They just got a evaluation question on an old car for you…1990 Nissan Skyline GTR JERRY: Wow boy that's that's a fun one what kind of shape is it in?

TRAVIS: um the auction grade from Japan would have put it at a B so it's not you know perfect but it's also there aren't any like glaring mistakes or issues or rust or anything 

JERRY: let me give you a website to go to you know I want you to contact these people it's all right the website is retail my ride dot-com now what's going to happen when you go there is they're going to want some pictures they're gonna want the van that sort of thing and they will do one of two things they will either make you an offer on it or they will take it on consignment that's the way to net the most money and and and they never recommend a consignment place before but these guys do such a great job marketing the cars that are on consignment that I love them and and boy I have sent a lot of people there over the past year everyone has been super happy some have sold because they offered a really fair amount others they wanted to try to maximize what they got out of a car especially a classic and they let them take it on consignment they move them fast they've got insurance the whole nine yards I think that's your best way at least you if they should come away knowing its value 

TRAVIS: do you mind me asking how much they take you know 

JERRY: I don't know I don't know if they split with you what it brings above their offer or if it's a set percent I haven't gotten that deep into it but probably out of five or six cases all of the cars have sold and they've all sold in pretty quick order and and I think that's just a byproduct of the good job that they do marketing online and they've got a great website you'll see that to try that and let's see what happens and good luck to you I appreciate the phone call