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Trey from Sugar Land, TX Compares Chevrolet Vehicles

Trey from Sugar Land, TX Compares Chevrolet Vehicles

JERRY: and to Sugar Land Texas we go Trey welcome

TREY:looking at a 2016 Chevy Colorado LT trim level with 44,000 miles and comparing that to a 2015 Colorado with the z71 package with about almost double the mileage seventy-nine thousand miles and are roughly the same price I'd say within a thousand dollars of each other what would you say is the better Buy

JERRY: oh the lower mileage one for sure it's not going to be as cool looking but look at seventy one package oh I do too and it's a great package has been for a lot of years and Colorado's it's very first when I reviewed I think was 2015 been great truck I mean they've been super reliable but just know that if you go in with 40,000 more miles on one truck than the other then you're gonna get 40,000 miles less out of it as well

TREY: do you think do you think either truck though at least a hundred thousand miles more

JERRY:oh well the LT certainly will a little bit Fe little iffy on the z71 have you looked at history or forged on both these trucks?

TREY: yeah the the 2016 LT was a one owner car that came through smart auction it's through an online retailer you know the kind of the Amazon car buyers and then the 2015 z71 was a 1-owner trade-in at a local Toyota dealership

JERRY: okay yeah one owners fine but it only takes one owner to wear a car out so I don't put a lot of stock in that but as long as they haven't been and a flood or had a bad wreck I mean look the practical side of you should be saying I'm going with the lower miles. the testosterone side of you should be saying I want that z71 and I know what I did I'm get to z71 but you asked me what was best commentary

TREY: has the four-cylinder engine or DC 71 has a six-cylinder

JERRY: so gas mileage doesn't mean anything to you

TREY:it's going to just be it's actually for a kid high school kid that you know is gonna be going maybe a couple you know ten miles a day not too big

JERRY: all right I'll say it in case your wife's listening get that z71 that's the best choice