U.S. Auto Sales Numbers Sept. 2019 vs Sept. 2018

Winners & Losers street sign
Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
By now, I am sure all you have heard is how auto sales were down for September. However, the mainstream media does not understand how sales reporting works and you get a skewed picture.

You have to look at how the calendar fell for August. The dealers sold cars all month long, right up to August 31st, which was a Saturday. When the last day of the month falls on a weekend, sales are not reported to the factory until the first business day. Because Labor Day fell on September 2nd, the first business day of September was Tuesday the 3rd. So bottom line, the dealers reported all August sales (which had 5 Saturdays) PLUS the first three days of September, including Labor Day holiday sales. Actual September sales didnít start until September 4th, hence the low numbers.

When I was in the business, I always averaged August and September together to see how we really did. This year, October started on time so we should get a truer picture of the auto sales climate.

All said and done, 1,282,712 new vehicles were sold in the short month of September 2019. There were twice as many losers as winners versus September 2018. At least we have all the numbers since September marked the end of the third quarter.

September also brought to an end Subaruís streak of 93 straight months of sales increases.

Here they are: Your winners and losers for September 2019 versus September 2018.


Genesis ⬆ 272%
Land Rover ⬆ 7.5%
Volvo ⬆ 7%
BMW ⬆ 6%
Mercedes-Benz ⬆ 4.5%
Lincoln ⬆ 3.5%
GMC ⬆ 2.5%
Porsche ⬆ 2.2%
Buick ⬆ 1.4%
Mini ⬆ 1.3%
Mitsubishi ⬆ 0.2%


Jaguar ⬇ 1.7%
Cadillac ⬇ 2.5%
Chevrolet ⬇ 3.8%
Ram ⬇ 3.9%
Hyundai ⬇ 8.7%
Subaru ⬇ 9.4%
Jeep ⬇ 11.3%
Mazda ⬇ 11.4%
Volkswagen ⬇ 11.8%
Ford ⬇ 11.9%
Kia ⬇ 13.3%
Honda ⬇ 13.7%
Nissan ⬇ 14.6%
Audi ⬇ 16.7%
Acura ⬇ 17.9%
Alfa Romeo ⬇ 20.4%
Lexus ⬇ 23.3%
Toyota ⬇ 24.3%
Dodge ⬇ 25%
Chrysler ⬇ 39%
Fiat ⬇ 40%
Infiniti ⬇ 44%
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