U.S. News & World Report Best Cars For The Money

2021 Toyota Camry
2021 Toyota Camry XLE. Credit: Toyota.

This week we bring you the U.S. News & World Report's picks for 2021 Best Cars for the Money. Covering 11 automotive categories, the awards put a spotlight on cars, SUVs and minivans that represent the best combination of long-term value and excellent ownership experience. The awards cover 11 segments and are based on the best combination of long-term value and excellent ownership experience. This is one of my favorite lists of the year.

"When it comes to car buying, value is about more than a low price tag," said Jamie Page Deaton, executive editor of U.S. News Best Cars. "Buying the least expensive car on the lot can mean buyers end up with high ownership costs and a vehicle that doesn't necessarily fit their needs. The Best Cars for the Money award winners have strong value propositions at the dealership and down the road. They are all also a pleasure to own, with the performance, comfort and features buyers appreciate."

Toyota appears on the list the most times - with four awards. Kia and Honda each earned three, and Hyundai took home one award. All but two vehicles are making a repeat appearance on the list. The Kia Forte, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Toyota Corolla Hybrid were recognized for the second consecutive year. The Kia Soul and Sorento, along with the Honda CR-V, claim their segment awards for the fifth straight year. The Toyota Corolla has a four-year winning streak.

The only two first-time winners on the list are the Honda Passport and Hyundai Accent.

Here’s a look at the winners below:

2021 Honda PassportBest 2-Row SUV for the Money
2021 Kia SorentoBest 3-Row SUV for the Money
2021 Kia ForteBest Compact Car for the Money
2021 Honda CR-VBest Compact SUV for the Money
2021 Toyota Corolla HybridBest Hybrid & Electric Car for the Money
2021 Toyota RAV4 HybridBest Hybrid & Electric SUV for the Money
2021 Toyota AvalonBest Large Car for the Money
2021 Toyota CamryBest Midsize Car for the Money
2021 Honda OdysseyBest Minivan for the Money
2021 Hyundai AccentBest Subcompact Car for the Money
2021 Kia SoulBest Subcompact SUV for the Money
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Wow, all Japanese and Korean manufacturers.
The Car Pro
Skip, they do offer a lot of value for sure, but I suspect they are just looking at sticker prices, not net costs, and the domestics have much bigger incentives.

Jerry Reynolds