Vehicles That Fit Three Car Seats In One Row

Small SUVs With Big THings To Offer

[Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new information since its original posting in March 2014.]

If you’re car shopping and have a big a family to haul around, chances are you’ve had this question: which vehicles can fit three car seats across the back seat? helps us answer that question with its updated list of vehicles that will fit the bill. The good news is they aren’t all minivans. As you’d expect quite a few SUVs make the cut, as well as some trucks and even a handful of sedans. The new additions to the list include the 2018 VW Atlas and 2018 Honda Odyssey.






Vans compiles its list using its Car Seat Check program. Certified technicians conduct hands-on testing of vehicle LATCH systems and check a vehicle’s ability to accommodate car seats.

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Photo Credit: Volkswagen
Anthony .
Why isn't Ford Flex on this list, while the smaller Edge IS on the list?
Jerry R.
Hi Anthony! came up with this list from its Car Seat Check Program. If you search Ford Flex, linked below, you'll see when they evaluated the 2013 Flex they could not fit three car seats all on one row. There is not a more recent Flex Car Seat Check review. If a new Ford Flex is a vehicle you are interested in, check with your dealer to find out whether it has that functionatility.

Amy Plemons
Managing Editor