Volvo Offering Pick-up & Delivery For Service

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Credit: Volvo
If you’re a Volvo owner and need to have your car serviced, but don’t want to or can’t leave your home, Volvo can help. After a successful test pilot run, the automaker is launching its new service called Volvo Valet.

The idea is that a Volvo retailer will come to you, pick up your car and take it in for service. Even better, it will leave you a loaner vehicle so you’ll have transportation if you need it while maintenance on your car is being performed. Volvo employees will take photos of both cars at the point of handoff. Volvo says this serves to ensure a fully transparent process.

Here’s how it works. Customers can access the pick-up and drop-off service two ways. One, they can use the Volvo Valet app on their smartphone to schedule pickup and service. Or they can do it the old fashioned way, over the phone.

Volvo says through the Volvo Valet app, customers can see where their driver is and when they will arrive, just like if you were using an Uber app. After handoff, they can receive a notification when their car has arrived at the retailer workshop. They’ll then be notified as soon as a vehicle is ready to be picked up. The retailer will deliver their car back and pick up the loaner vehicle.

“Volvo Valet gives owners the flexibility to service and maintain their vehicles in a way that works best for them,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President Americas and President and CEO, Volvo Car USA. “Volvo Valet has been very successful in pilot testing over the last year and it is now ready to serve our customers and retailers in this unprecedented time.”

Volvo Valet is a result of Volvo’s purchase of Luxe in 2017 and has been in pilot for the last several months. It uses in-house technology to facilitate pick-up and delivery of customer cars. There are no third parties involved.

If this sounds like a service for you, call your dealership and find out if it is participating in the program and if your car is eligible. Volvo says vehicles of any age are eligible for this service, at the discretion of individual retailers.

Volvo Valet is only currently applicable for maintenance and service. However, Volvo says later in 2020 the program will expand to include lease and purchase deliveries, lease returns, and overnight test drives.

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