Who Knew? Get A Train Horn For Your Truck!

Matt Heller
Matt Heller, Hornblaster owner and founder. Credit: Hornblasters
This is right up my alley! I am not a horn blower by nature. If someone is texting and not paying attention when the light turns green, Iíll give them a gentle toot of the horn, but when someone cuts me off, I will lay on the horn. How fun would it be to blast the offender with a train horn! It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

The guy in the photo is Matt Heller, the owner and founder of HornBlasters. He came up with the idea in 2002 when he became fed up with constantly being run off the road by other drivers on his daily commute to work. Heís certainly come a long way since he started out selling his horns from the back of his pickup. The HornBlaster website explains why and how Heller started the company:

It was almost as if he [Matt] was invisible while driving in his truck. Fed up with the close calls and dangerous drivers, Matt was determined to be noticed on the road. As it turned out, Matt always had a fascination with air horns growing up. That's when he was struck with the idea of taking the massive sound from real locomotives and putting them on your daily driver. Not only would this give him a way to make sure he would be heard on the road, he realized that he could also make the roads safer by selling them to others, one horn at a time.

Soon after he had his epiphany, Matt's bedroom became his warehouse as he sold horn after horn out of the back of his pickup truck in his spare time. It wasn't long before he outgrew his bedroom warehouse and pickup truck storefront. People were buying so many horns that it was time to leave his day job and grow HornBlasters full time. Since then, HornBlasters has innovated and led the way in the consumer air horn and safety device market.

Over the years, many companies have tried to copy the success of HornBlasters and failed. These companies make outrageous claims of having loud products without the data to back it up, they overcharge for cheap components that barely sound louder than a stock car horn, they cut corners with look-a-like products to confuse customers. What sets HornBlasters apart is this companyís belief in using only the highest quality components, being upfront and honest with their customers and ensuring that they have the best customer service experience possible, even years after they have purchased their kit. None of the competition, according to HornBlasters, have a live person standing by to help you for as long as you own their product.

- HornBlaster Website

Youíll need to check with law enforcement officials to make sure it is legal in your area, but it sure looks like it would be fun.

You can check out their website and prices here: www.hornblasters.com

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