Why This Memorial Weekend Is A Great Time To Buy A Car

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I talked about this on last Saturdayís Car Pro Show. Sometimes there is a perfect storm when a lot of factors come together to make car buying amazing. This is one of those times, probably one of only two this year.

Incentives are crazy high for the big Memorial weekend sales because of the Coronavirus. There are also extra rebates from multiple automakers to honor our military, veterans, and first responders. Lease deals are exceptional.

All the 0% financing for 84 months that is out there will go away May 31st. The huge cash rebates will likely drop, and there are lease offers that could easily go away as well. There will be a shortage of popular trucks and SUVs in about a month. I explain this in my commentary here.

I think your next big opportunity doesnít come until December and I donít think offers will be as good as they are today. For additional savings, use our CarProUSA Certified dealers. They will prioritize you, cut to the chase, and make sure you have an exceptional buying experience.
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