A $15,000 Defender Pedal Pusher For You, Or Your Kid?

Well, now we’ve officially seen everything. Land Rover is out with a Defender for your kid, or let’s be honest, the kid in you. The price tag for this pedal pusher that Land Rover also dubs a collector’s item? Around $15,000 USD. If you just have to get one for the little driver in your life, or if you’re just Defender obsessed, it’s available next spring.

Land Rover says the “toy” celebrates the Defender’s long-lived 60 years of production which finally comes to an end in early 2016, after being extended a bit due to high demand for the real thing. The pedal car is styled to commemorate the legacy of the first-ever pre-production Land Rover known as ‘Huey’ given its original numberplate of ‘HUE 166’.

If the pedal car version looks detailed, that’s because it is. They’re handmade in the UK and sized to scale. The body even has a rolled-edge aluminum frame with protective panels on portions of the front fenders. In order to allow for pedaling on the estate’s grounds, the tires are rubber with an off-road tread. Plus, the suspension and brakes are fully functional. And yes, it even comes with a parking brake.

[image_slider] [image_items source=”https://www.carprousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pedal-0557-e1444061639730.jpg”]Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept [/image_items] [image_items source=”https://www.carprousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pedal-0002_V2-e1444061461296.jpg”]Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept [/image_items] [image_items source=”https://www.carprousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pedal-1872_V2-e1444061734936.jpg”]Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept  [/image_items] [image_items source=”https://www.carprousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Pedal-1893-e1444062380503.jpg”]Land Rover Defender Pedal Car Concept [/image_items] [/image_slider]

Inside, your kid will be surrounded by leather seats and a leather steering wheel. Of course, it goes without saying these things get a personalized license plate and individual chassis number. It is hand finished in the same Loire Blue found on the full-scale Defender color palette.

“This is both a wonderful collector’s piece and children’s toy,” says Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Branded and Licensed Goods Lindsay Weaver. “It demonstrates our ability to produce goods with world class quality and attention to detail that can emulate our world class Jaguar and Land Rover cars.”

Look for the production pedal pusher model to go on sale next Spring.

Photo Credit: Land Rover
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