Acura Precision Cockpit Concept Previews Future Design

Rarely does a car cockpit get us really excited. But this is definitely one of those times. Check out Acura’s new Precision Cockpit Concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show. It attracted quite a crowd of media and for good reason.

This is really the future of Acura interiors and we like. The next-generation infotainment system, inspired by the NSX, is simple, elegant, and we’ll just go ahead and use the word gorgeous.  Wood, leather and suede, it has it all without somehow being overkill.

Technology abounds, too, with two screens used in the Android-based system. One is above the center console and the other a digital dash display. It’s really heavy on graphic elements. The screens can display other cars on the road and uses artificial intelligence to avoid hazards like pedestrians and cyclists in its path.

You control everything via a touchpad below the mode switch. Every spot on the touchpad correlates to a spot on the dashboard screen. Acura calls it “absolute positioning”.

While a futuristic concept for now, we’re hopeful some of this will roll out in the not too distant future. Acura says it plans to slowly make this thing a reality over the next few years.


acura precision cockpit






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