Why Auto Shows Are Important

Chicago Auto Show

America’s love of automobiles shows up no brighter than at auto shows.  If you got to listen to the Car Pro Show this past Saturday, you know we broadcasted live from the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.  It boasts being the largest auto show in the world.  While that is a stretch, more than 3 million people per year go to the fair, and it is true that one of its most popular attractions is the auto show.  It has grown from one huge building to two, plus an enormous outside display of trucks and cars.

Some people want to lay their eyes on models of the future, and in recent years, most concept cars end up on showroom floors in pretty short order.

Looking at new cars is always fun, but for most people, it is the most pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy when shopping for a car.  Salespeople who are there are hoping to woo you with information and get you to come see them later down the line.   They know they are not able to sell you a car at an auto show, but they hope to make a friend and future customer by giving you quick and accurate details about the car you are considering.

If you have special needs of any kind, an auto show can be your friend.  I hear from people all the time who are short, tall, large, and small, wanting to know what car will fit them best. Although I drive well over 100 cars a year, I cannot relate to someone who is drastically different in size to me.  I hear from people who have back problems, hip problems, etc. and I would have to have the same problem to know what will best fit them.  Getting into and out of every vehicle made, all under one roof, can be a savior.

If you have specific needs for cargo area, take a tape measure with you to the auto show, that will help you get a vehicle perfect for your needs. 

Often times, there are extra manufacturer rebates for people who attend auto shows.  I have seen incentives of $500 or more for people who visit an auto show, then buy in the next month or so, so be sure to ask about those.  They are especially prevalent at the auto shows in major metro areas.

Detroit kicks off auto show season in January, then Los Angeles wraps it up in November.  Even medium-sized markets often put on auto shows, often sponsored by the dealer associations.  We are also seeing more and more auto shows where you can actually drive cars while there.

If you go to an auto show, to get the most out of it, don’t rush through and if a vehicle catches your eye, ask questions about it.  You can’t actually buy cars at an auto show so the lack of pressure is refreshing.  Take notes as you look at various cars, after a couple of hours, they tend to run together.

You can drive from dealership to dealership to compare cars, or you can go see them all at one place, in a climate-controlled setting.  That is the beauty part of auto shows.

Photo Credit: Chicago Auto Show
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