After All The Hoopla: Former Female Toyota Exec Not Charged

The controversy surrounding former Toyota executive Julie Hamp may be drawing to a close. According to Automotive News, law enforcement authorities in Japan have released her from custody, as expected. No charges are likely to be filed. She was arrested last month after police said she illegally imported the pain killer oxycodone into Japan. Officials reportedly were convinced there was no criminal intent on Hamp’s part.

Hamp was Toyota’s top female executive and one of its highest-ranking non-Japanese leaders. She was promoted earlier this year to managing officer and chief communications officer, after having served in a similar role for the automaker’s US operations. She moved to Japan and was apparently residing in a hotel where she was arrested on June 18 after officials intercepted a shipment of painkillers sent to her. Police raided Toyota’s headquarters, and though her boss Akio Toyoda initially stood by her, he ultimately accepted her resignation.

Hamp is not expected to return to the post from which she resigned, although she could potentially take up another position overseas or with another company. Her position as CCO will reportedly be taken up by Shigeru Hayakawa, another of the company’s senior managing officers.

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