Air Bag Firestorm Intensifies, Possible Nationwide Recall

takata airbag

nhtsa-300x225As if it wasn’t big before, it’s about to get epic.

The U.S. Government is now pushing for a nationwide air bag recall.The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says a full coast to coast recall is needed to repair Takata supplied air bags that can potentially explode when deployed and send shrapnel flying. The airbags are linked to at least four U.S deaths.

Millions of vehicles from ten U.S. automakers are already being recalled to address the issue. However, most recalls have been regional so far and limited to high humidity Gulf Coast states. Now U.S. safety experts don’t think that cuts it after learning about an August incident in North Carolina.

The Department of Transportation issued this statement Tuesday November 18th:

“NHTSA contacted Takata and the vehicle manufacturers this week to call for the national recall of these vehicles after evaluating a recent incident that involved a failure in a driver’s side air bag inflator outside an area of high absolute humidity. Based on this new information, unless Takata and the manufacturers quickly agree to this recall, NHTSA will use the full extent of its statutory powers to ensure vehicles that use the same or similar air bag inflator are recalled.”

“In recent days, Takata has publicly conceded that it changed the chemical mix of its air bag inflator propellant in newly designed inflators. As part of its ongoing investigation, the agency will analyze the information received to determine if the chemical composition of Takata’s propellant mix may be a cause and/or contributing factor in the air bag inflator ruptures.”

“While NHTSA is not aware of either field incidents or test data suggesting that the problem affecting passenger-side air bags in the areas of persistently high humidity extends beyond those areas, the agency has been pushing the industry to perform testing to ensure that current recalls effectively cover vehicles with air bags that could be potentially affected by this defect.”

For more about the air bag recall head to the NHTSA website.

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