All-New 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom Revealed

Parading in front of the shops in Mayfair London, Rolls-Royce takes us through a beautiful stroll down history lane as it introduces the all-new 2018 Phantom VIII. We must say, 92 has never looked so stunning.

Now in its 8th generation, Rolls hasn’t updated its flagship chariot in fourteen years. Its redesign both honors history and also takes on contemporary times seamlessly.

A Phantom has carried legends from John Lennon to Kate Middleton, and it continues to hold the slot as the most stunning car in the world when it comes to making a status statement. That is, it continues to be the number one choice of world leaders, tycoons, and the most elite celebrities through out the world. As Rolls-Royce puts it, the choice for the 1-percent of the 1-percent.

In a word, this car is smooth. Drawing from the Phantom V, it carries on the separate front wing and waist line that creates what RR dubbs “fleetness of foot.” It’s also the first Rolls built on the new Architecture of Luxury.  Its body is a bit shorter than the outgoing Phantom. It’s also made entirely of aluminum.

Let’s talk about some of the other craft materials on this purple queen. The grille is made from hand polished stainless steel, remember the stainless steel trend in kitchen appliances?, yeah well Rolls brings that stunning feel to the next level. The same hand-polished stainless steel shines on the coach door handles.

Yep, that engine shot is of the Phantom’s 6.75-liter V12. It’s good for 563-horsepower. It uses low revs for tooling around city streets completely smoothly. It rides on a cloud of 22-inch wheels; the largest on a Rolls-Royce ever. The other thing about this engine, it’s as quiet as a mouse.

This is also the most technologically advanced Phantom ever. Tech includes a high-def heads up display, 4-camera surround view, active cruise control, Night Vision and Vision Assist, Lane Departure and Lane Change warning, cross-traffic warning, WiFi hotspot, and Collision and Pedestrian warning.

The cabin is a luxurious sanctuary. All of the technology seamlessly tucks away until you want it. Creating a space as divine as an art museum with your phone in your pocket. Wood paneling is everywhere from the dash to the picnic tables. Yes, the back seats have hidden picnic tables for dining elegantly on the go. The seats are hand crafted and sculpted to even greater levels of comfort than before.

All in all, getting the chance to ride around in one of these is just another reason to want to meet the Queen of England.

Photo Credit: Rolls-Royce



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