All-New 2019 Ram 1500 Strikes A Pose in the Arizona Desert

All-New 2019 Ram 1500

If it were summer, I could say this: the only thing hotter than the Arizona desert is the all-new Ram 1500.

But, fortunately for me, it’s not that time of year and triple-digit heat isn’t here yet. So I’ll just say this. If there were a better place to show off the all-new 2019 Ram 1500, I can’t think if it.

Last week, Ram flew me out to Scottsdale, Arizona for the Ram 1500’s First Drive media event amid the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. The Ram-hosted event included a stay in a Casita at The Boulder’s Resort with scenic desert views in every direction.

You can read my post about my first drive impressions here.  Scroll below for more photos of the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 doing more than justice to the edgy backdrop of the Arizona Desert.

2019 Ram 1500

2019 Ram 1500 Laramie

2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Edition


  1. larry rupley 9 months ago

    i have not been getting your newsletter on my email lately?

    • Author
      Amy Plemons 9 months ago

      We’ll be contacting you to see what the issue might be.Thank you!

  2. Blake 6 months ago

    That 4×4 off road sticker looks nice. Is it grey or metallic silver? I’d like to put that same one on my new 2019 Ram.

    • Car Pro 6 months ago

      It’s Billet Silver Metallic Clear-Coat Exterior Paint ($200). You can check out the color options on Ram’s build site:

      • Blake Richard 6 months ago

        I meant the “4×4 Off Road” emblem/decal on the black Ram. Is it grey or metallic silver? I have a white 2019 Ram 4×4 and would love to add this decal.

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