America’s Serious Problem with Angry Drivers

angry drivers

America, we have a serious problem with angry, aggressive drivers. Tailgating, road rage and other aggressive behaviors are common everyday behavior, at least according to a new AAA study.

Researchers say nearly 80 percent of drivers polled say they’ve expressed significant anger, aggression or road rage in the past year. That’s four out of every five drivers on the road. What’s more, 51 percent of drivers admitted to purposely tailgating other drivers. That comes out to 104 million drivers according to AAA estimates.

The numbers don’t get better from there. Nearly half of drivers admit to tailgating or yelling at other drivers. Nearly half also have no problem blaring the horn when they get frustrated.

At least we can find some consolation in that most people are able to pull it together and not actually ram into other drivers or get out of their car to confront one. AAA estimates that just four percent of drivers confront other drivers and three percent hit another car on purpose.

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Drivers are also more worried about aggressive people on the road, too. Nearly 2 in 3 drivers believe aggressive driving is a bigger problem today than three years ago. Nine out of ten believe aggressive drivers are a serious threat to their personal safety.

As you might imagine, both age and gender play a huge role in the study. Men between 18 and 39 are more likely to take aggressive action. They were more than three times as likely as women to get of their vehicle to confront another driver or ram another car on purpose.

Geographically, drivers in the Northeast are angrier than drivers in other parts of the country. They’re 30 percent more likely to have made an angry gesture than drivers anywhere else.

AAA scored the data as part of its annual Traffic Safety Culture Index. The organization surveyed over 2,700 drivers, aged 16 and up, to make its estimates.

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