Animation 101: How Turbo and Superchargers Work

turbo and superchargers

Turbo. Supercharger. No one wants to admit it, but the jargon around engines can be intimidating. It seems like just a bunch of fancy words getting thrown out. Well, we’ve stumbled upon a website that will clear up all the confusion for you.

Even if you are an engine expert, the site offers really cool visuals that anybody can get excited about. It’s like going back to high school biology except it’s actually fun.

The site shows engines working like those human heart drawings that show where the blood flows and how the pumps work. It makes sense the charts look like mechanical hearts, since the engine really is the heart and power of the vehicle.

gif: Tyroola

The page focuses on explaining the difference between Supercharger and Turbo engines. It notes right from the start that both types are designed to “to deliver more air to an engine’s internal combustion process.“

The site gives a side by side comparison of the two. It shows how both get the job done. The main difference between the two comes from the supercharger using a crankshaft-driven compressor while the turbocharger uses exhaust energy for compressor-spinning.

gif: Tyroola

Australian online tire company Tyroola put the page together. Thanks mates. 

Photo Credit: Tyroola
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