April National Sales Results

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Auto sales fell 4.7% from April 2016, resulting in about 70,000 fewer sales than a year ago.  Cars continued to slide, down about 11%, mostly in the sedan segment, while pickup sales remained steady.  Year-to-date, sales have fallen just slightly more than 2% from the record 2016 pace. 

There was one fewer selling day this April than a year ago, which contributed to the decline.

Here is what we saw by each automaker year to year:

BMW Down 9.3%
Mini Down 27.4%
Chrysler Down 3.3%
Dodge Down 2.6%
Fiat Down 18%
Jeep Down 16.5%
Ram  Up 5.3%
Ford Down 7.4%
Lincoln Flat
Buick Bright spot for GM, up 17%
Cadillac Up 9.5%
Chevrolet Down 10.4%
GMC Flat
Acura Down 12.8%
Honda Down 6.3%
Hyundai Up 1.3%
Kia Down 5.6%
Jaguar Up 197% thanks to F-Pace sales
Land Rover Flat
Mazda Down 7.8%
Mercedes Down 8.7%
Mitsubishi Down 13.4%
Infiniti Up 3.5%
Nissan Down 1.5%
Tesla Up 29% to 4400 units
Lexus Down 11.4%
Toyota Down 2.7%
Audi Up 5%
Porsche Up 2.2%
VW Up 1.6%

Overall, a rough month for the auto industry, but we all knew it would be hard to keep pace with 2016.  This is in spite of incentive spending averaging $3400 per vehicle in April.  If sales continue to slide, odds are good incentives will continue to rise, making it a great time for consumers to get a bargain!

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock
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