Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs in April

2017 Honda CR-V suv

The Nissan Rogue clings to a very small lead in year-to-date sales for 2017, but for the month of April, ended up in third place. 

Overall SUV sales this year are keeping pace with 2016, so far.  Of the top 20 sellers for April, only 4 sold fewer this April than a year ago April.  The losers were Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee, Honda Pilot, and Chevy Traverse.

Here are the top-sellers for the month of April in the SUV segment:

1. Honda CR-V32,671
2. Toyota RAV431,757
3. Nissan Rogue27,386
4. Ford Escape25,637
5. Ford Explorer22,864
6. Chevy Equinox  22,864
7. Jeep Grand Cherokee 18,877
8. Subaru Forester14,761
9. Subaru Outback14,469
10. Jeep Wrangler18,841
11. Toyota Highlander17,981
12. Jeep Cherokee14,083
13. Ford Edge12,147
14. Mazda CX-511,334
15. Toyota 4Runner10,428
16. GMC Acadia10,164
17. Hyundai Tucson 9,952
18. Honda Pilot 9,746
19. Hyundai Santa Fe  9,480
20. Chevrolet Traverse 9,437
Photo Credit: Honda
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