Arizona DOT Wants Drivers To Avoid ‘The Dark Side’

dark side

We already knew the Arizona Department of Transportation had a sense of humor. And now we know someone in the ranks really likes Star Wars.

The proof is on the signage.

Just check out its newest holiday campaign to combat aggressive driving. It launched on Monday, the day Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its L.A. world premiere.



“All of us had the same approach to it; we have a serious message to get out about stopping aggressive driving. If we can tap into popular culture with some humor, that’s going to get people’s attention,” says Tom Herrmann, who helps handle the @ArizonaDOT Twitter account.

This isn’t ADOTs first attempt to use pop-culture references (and humor) to deliver safety tips. Last month, the agency invoked the memory of a controversial New York Times recipe that mixed peas and guacamole to warn drivers against drunk driving.  ADOT’s message was that drinking and driving don’t mix either.


Other law enforcement agencies in Utah, Iowa, and Colorado are using Star Wars mania to promote safety messages as well. Signs appearing in other states include: “Awaken your inner force. Focus on the road”, “Road rage? Let the Wookiee win” and “Texting and driving leads to the dark side.”  

Photo Credit: ADOT

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