Aston Martin Ditches Preowned for ‘Timeless’

aston martin timeless

Aston Martin wants you to forget about the term “preowned”. Instead, it’s classing things up with the word Timeless. It’s a new program that essentially involves certified used vehicles and turns them into“Timeless” classics.

Aston Martin sees Timeless as a new way to improve customer’s experience with the brand. At its core it also shoots to make buying used as cool as buying new. With the models included that won’t be hard. The Timeless program includes Aston sports cars from the DB9 to the V12 Zagato.  It even includes the uber cool One-77.

Of course, all Timeless models get a through an inspection. Now nothing new there since inspecting and certifying comes standard in CPO programs. But here’s where Aston Martin takes things up a notch. It adds on optional hardware and software updates rather than just assess the state of the car.  

Astons in the Timeless program come with one-year warranties. That includes roadside assistance and a verified certificate of the models service record. You can opt for the VIP handover pack if you really want the Timeless buying experience. Buyers also get three-months of discount offers on official accessories.

Timeless launched in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East already. The Americas and Asia-Pacific markets will join during the first quarter of the new year. If you’re in China you’re out of luck because it will not be offered there.

Don’t expect to get a great bargain on the models though. These are vintage resales, not Goodwill. But the Timeless program could be perfect for you if a used Aston sounds right up your alley. In the meantime, check out the first-class photos the automaker shared for its Timeless campaign.

aston martin timeless

aston martin timeless

Photo Credit: Aston Martin
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