Aston Martin Drops the Top on the Vanquish S

aston martin Vanquish S Volante

If you’re looking for a classic getaway car – one without a top for easy jumping into and a roaring engine for a dramatic exit – Aston Martin has the one for you.

The top is coming off the Vanquish S. Ladies and gents, partners in crime, this is the Vanquish S Volante.

aston martin Vanquish S Volante

Like the S coupe, the Volante gets the huge 5.9-liter naturally-aspirated V12. Horsepower comes in at 580 with 465 lb-ft of torque. The exact numbers for the Volante are pending. They should be close, if not exactly the same, to the coupe.

The Volante uses the same 8-speed automatic transmission. It got specifically tuned for the S for faster and smoother shifting even at lower speeds.

It gets the same upgrades in terms of aerodynamics and suspension. The rear shows off the quad-tip exhaust pipes. Under the roof, or no, are quilted leather upholstery. Vanquish S is embroidered into the headrests. If the offered color combos don’t float your boat head over to Aston Martin Q for complete customization.

aston martin Vanquish S Volante

The S coupe just arrived in November at the LA Auto Show. The S stands for Super of course. The S adds an additional 12-horsepower to the standard Vanquish GT. It shaves 0.1 seconds of the 0-62 mph time.

The standard Vanquish GT arrived in 2013. Word has it that Aston Martin will redesign the Vanquish within the next few years. That means if a hardcore old school naturally-aspirated engine, with zero hybrid or plug-in or turbocharged power, appeals to you, now could be your time to leap.

Hopefully, your pockets are deep enough to catch you. The S coupe and Volante will go on sale in April. The S coupe comes with a $294,950 price tag. Pricing for the Volante will come out soon.

Photo Credit: Aston Martin

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