Aston Martin Enters New Era with DB11 Production

aston martin db11

It’s not just another hump day people. It’s the beginning of Aston Martin’s new era. The automaker started building the new DB11 in the UK today. The first ones will be delivered to British customers in October.

The 2017 DB11 is the latest model from the “DB” bloodline. The next-generation sportster replaces the DB9 which went out of production in July. The automaker’s first all-new car in a decade, it’s built on an all-new lighter, aluminum platform. Each DB11 will be hand-built and Aston Martin President and CEO Andy Palmer will personally inspect the first 1,000 cars off the line.

“It’s an exciting moment for the entire company when the first car of a new model goes into production. The DB11 is a special car and it heralds the start of a new and exciting era for Aston Martin,” Palmer said.

aston martin db11

Coming in at 600-horses, the DB11 is the most powerful car in Aston Martin’s history. In terms of aerodynamics, one thing worth noting is the company’s new patented AeroBlade system. Aston describes it as a way of flowing air through the DB11’s bodywork, without the need of an actual physical rear spoiler.

The DB11 is the first of seven all-new vehicles, including a crossover, that Aston will roll over the next seven years. It’s part of the company’s “Second Century Plan.”

The DB11 starts from around $212,000.


Photo Credit: Aston Martin
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